tube strike Whether you are impacted by this week’s London Tube Strike or not, one thing is for certain, incidents such as bad weather, rail and tube strikes, summer holidays, and the like, should not get in the way of your business productivity.

Which is why we created a Business Survival Guide for you:Business Disruptions - Tube Strike Aug 2015Traditionally, workers are shackled to their desks, to their computers, to their networks, and to their phones. When business interruptions, like the tube strike, happen – companies suffer. That doesn’t have to be the case – with the RingCentral solution employees can continue to be productive even when they aren’t in the office.

The advantage to using a cloud business phone system offers significant flexibility, and a solution for those unpredictable business disruptions. Once adopted, all shackles to a physical office are finally removed. Allowing businesses to focus on the most important objective, running their business effectively.