Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Freed Marcroft is a law firm that specializes in all areas of family law, from divorce and custody to adoption and everything in between. 

The firm is busy and growing, and the team is always looking to work more productively and efficiently. The ultimate goal? To offer an awesome experience for its clients, of course.

We chatted with Laura from the Freed Marcroft team to learn about how they’re providing a modern, personalized law firm experience for their clients using RingCentral.

One of the first things the firm did was to move its internal meetings to a conference call setup. “This lets us keep track of everything with recordings and a central calling location for people who aren’t in the office or if they’re remote,” says Laura.

“Everyone has all the important info in one place because we can all just dial in. RingCentral is an important part of our day-to-day.” 

Missed calls? An impossibility, literally

Law firms get phone calls all the time—and sometimes, they get multiple phone calls at once. How do you make sure that someone is always available to pick up every call?

Enter: RingCentral’s simultaneous transfer feature.

We’re big fans of the simultaneous transfer option,” says Laura. “We often use this for folks who reach out to us via our website live chat. If they want to speak to someone right away, the simultaneous transfer lets us send that important call to multiple people to make sure it gets picked up by someone. This way, they get helped right away!

And this translates over to when people in the office are busy, on vacation, or just unable to come to the phone for whatever reason too:

RingCentral call handling and forwarding

Totally flexible call forwarding in RingCentral


When people are on holiday, we just switch the calls to our virtual receptionist. No matter if it’s day or night, our client calls are always answered by someone. We never miss a call from someone who needs help.

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24/7 access while still keeping things private

Another reason Freed Marcroft’s staff loves using the RingCentral app? Even though it lets them forward calls to each other when teammates are busy, their clients and prospects will only ever see the firm’s business phone number in the caller ID.

It’s great because we can reach out to clients without having to disclose a personal cell number. That helps us with privacy—and productivity too, because these calls can be made anywhere.

The legal industry has been going through some significant transformations thanks to technology for time-tracking and expenses. That’s not new. The communications side, on the other hand, still has huge potential—and we’re excited to see all the possible improvements in clients’ experiences coming down the line!

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