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For this leading property management firm, the obvious choice for business communications was RingCentral


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  • Improved service: The ability to take and make business calls from anywhere means the Edgewood Partners’ staff can be more responsive to clients.
  • Flexible communications: RingCentral’s unified platform lets employees receive and send SMS texts (with photos), which is how many of their clients prefer to communicate.
  • Enhanced team-building: Edgewood Partners is also leveraging SMS texts—and planning to use RingCentral Video—to improve staff communications.

The property management firm of choice for many top healthcare practices

Edgewood Partners Property Management maintains doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities, specialty-practice locations, and other properties for some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the United States. The company also oversees retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities of businesses you know and trust.

Edgewood Partners is a spinoff of Veritas Commercial Real Estate, a leading full-service firm. The company’s property management division had grown so large, and demand from industry-leading clients had become so great, that Veritas decided to form Edgewood Partners to operate as a standalone property management company.

Preparing the new company for launch required a lot of strategic planning and difficult operational decisions. But because Veritas had enjoyed such success with RingCentral as its cloud phone system, choosing a business communications solution for the new business was an easy call.

RingCentral provides the mobility and flexibility the company’s on-the-go team needs

John High, Director of Property Management for Edgewood Partners, explains that Veritas had been a RingCentral customer for years prior to forming the new company. “Our leadership team saw enormous value in us being able to make and take business calls from our computers and smartphones,” he says. “Those capabilities meant we could stay productive and accessible to our clients no matter where we were.”

Why a Leading Property Management Company, Serving Nationally Respected Retail Tenants, Chose RingCentral

As John points out, the decision to give Edgewood Partners’ employees RingCentral accounts—with RingCentral apps on their laptops and mobile phones—has proven extremely wise, because it’s helping the team provide the outstanding level of service their commercial clients expect. 

“We’re managing dozens of properties, and you can’t do that entirely from an office,” says John. “We need a way to communicate with clients from the field. That could’ve meant giving out our personal cell number, or carrying a separate, company-issued device. RingCentral gives us the best of both worlds—the ability to stay accessible to clients from on the road, and the ability to keep our personal and business communications separate but on the same device.” 

In fact, John notes, his team is using the RingCentral platform for more than just business phone calls. “Some tenants would rather communicate by text message, especially if they want to send us photos of an issue they’re having with their property. The RingCentral app lets me send and receive texts using my business line, and I never have to give out my personal cell number.” 

Discovering more value in their RingCentral platform

John also points out that when they launched Edgewood Partners in 2021, the Veritas senior leadership team viewed RingCentral primarily as a client-facing communication solution, a way to let the staff stay connected and responsive to clients from anywhere. 

But John and his team have since discovered several ways to leverage the unified RingCentral MVP platform to improve staff communication and teamwork as well.

“We’ve created a company SMS text group where we can send everyone important updates or set up meetings… or just post fun team-building messages to the group,” John explains. “I think texting is more immediate and effective than an email, especially considering we all have the RingCentral mobile app on our personal cell phones.”

Another solution John and his team discovered only after rolling out RingCentral is the built-in video conferencing solution, RingCentral Video. As John explains, he’s got big plans for this communication tool.

“I can imagine using RingCentral Video to improve our internal team communications, especially when we have some employees in the office and others out at our properties. Having video and being able to see everyone’s faces will definitely help keep us feeling and operating as a team.”

Originally published Dec 09, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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