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[Expert' take] Hélène, Project Manager @Dimelo


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We meet Hélène, Project Manager at Dimelo, who gives up some of her time between two client meetings, always with a smile on her face.

Hi Hélène. First of all, can you talk about your career so far?

Hélène: First I went to business school then went on to do a Masters in Marketing and New Technology. From the beginning, I wanted to work in project management, especially in software! Incidentally, I started in a software publishing startup, then I worked in a large group to find out the issues involved there. I have also been a salesperson in a software and computing services company then, last year, I tried my hand at being an entrepreneur. I am fascinated by the world of Customer Relations and digital technology, so I joined Dimelo a few months ago.

As a project manager, what are your tasks at Dimelo?

Hélène: Day-to-day, I accompany clients in their projects from start to finish… and, depending on the situation, it’s not always easy! After confirming the client’s needs, I go on to personalise their console configuration and then do some internal tests and tests with the client.  My challenge is to understand the company’s vision and the issues they face in order to offer them the solution that fits their needs. And it doesn’t stop there! What I like about Dimelo is that we really listen to the client so that the product evolves to meet their expectations.

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Why do you think companies from such a wide range of sectors choose the Dimelo Digital platform?

Hélène: I joined Dimelo because I think the product is a gem. I really like that it gives clients the possibility to manage all of their customer interactions on one platform. Clients can be visible on all digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, email, chat, mobile). This 360° view enables the client to react quickly and appropriately, whichever the customer’s chosen channel.

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What is a typical day like for a project manager at Dimelo?

Hélène: That’s easy… there isn’t one! (laughs) You need to be organised and flexible to be able to meet clients’ needs at all times, so that we can all meet our respective goals. An urgent email is never far away and that’s what I like; no two days are the same! There are different issues depending on the products we offer and on the client. This pushes me to deal with situations in sometimes very different ways, and that’s something I really enjoy.

[Paroles d’expert] Hélène, Chef de projet @Dimelo

Do you have any anecdotes about the team you work with day-to-day?

Hélène: From the beginning I thought our team was really friendly, but there is something in particular that I like… Table football! There is a real cohesion around this game and it’s a chance to really relax together. It helps us to get to know each other in a new way and makes us want to move forward together and support each other in our work.

Apart from the table football competitions at Dimelo… do you have any other passions in life?

Hélène: Around a year ago I discovered my love for running. Beyond the official races, being able to escape from daily life does me the world of good! It helps me to relax and put things into perspective, vis-à-vis work and everyday life. This time helps me find another source of energy, recharge my batteries and get going again with a new lease of life.

Originally published Aug 24, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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