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An encounter with Sébastien Louvet, COO at Viavoo


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We meet Sébastien Louvet, COO at Viavoo,
who talks to us about the collaboration between Viavoo and RingCentral Engage Digital
for an ever-improving customer experience.

Introduce us to Viavoo in a few words

Sébastien: Viavoo offers a Text Analytics software solution to make the most of the Voice of the Customer. We retrieve customer messages – whether comments or a conversation – on all digital channels, and our semantic technology enables us to categorise word-for-word comments and extract key insights to improve customer experience: products, prices, customer journeys, delivery, services, after-sales service, etc. Customer word-for-word accounts are a gold mine for marketing and customer relations and are plentiful. Our solution makes the most of this.

What are the strengths of your solution?

Sébastien: Viavoo has developed a high-precision linguistic method that works at sentence level in several languages. Our technology provides a result that is close to human comprehension for all kinds of modes of expression (question, opinion, intention, suggestion, etc.), whatever the information source: instant messaging, email, tweets, Facebook posts, open questions in satisfaction surveys, review sites, blogs, forums… Our product is 100% SaaS and delivered as a turnkey solution in a very short space of time, thanks to libraries that cover a wide range of functional fields, adapted to our clients’ industries (retail, telecommunications, media, leisure, transport, etc.) and to the many plug-and-play connectors for the market’s leading solutions, including RingCentral Engage Digital.


What is the added value of Viavoo’s collaboration with RingCentral Engage Digital for our clients?

Sébastien: RingCentral Engage Digital facilitates exchange and enables brands to interact on the customer’s chosen channel. Viavoo then steps in to analyse the content of the exchanges and point out areas for improvement for the company. Our solutions therefore complement each other! RingCentral Engage Digital gives brands the opportunity to interact on several channels: Viavoo analysis gives them a better grasp of the use of these channels according to subjects or sentiments expressed by customers, to watch how they evolve and to be alerted to risky situations.

How do you retrieve data from customer interactions managed on the RingCentral Engage Digital platform?

Sébastien: Viavoo uses the RingCentral Engage Digital API. It is lightning fast to set up and we can open feeds in a few seconds. The data retrieved via RingCentral Engage Digital is enriched with complementary elements that cannot be obtained by connecting directly to the brand’s channels, which enables us to do a cross tabulation analysis (customer experience patterns according to channel, type of product, subscription duration, length of time as a customer, etc.). All existing knowledge of the customer is transferred to the API. The API also enables us to access data from private channels, such as mobile instant messaging. With RingCentral Engage Digital, the data is always structured in the same way whatever the channel, which is a great advantage for the integration of the two solutions.

What are RingCentral Engage Digital’s advantages for Viavoo?

Sébastien: RingCentral Engage Digital is an open platform. It’s the platform with which Viavoo has worked the most over the last 12 months. Why? We find that integration is fast and the API gives us access to all the necessary data, so we save time. Client-wise, it allows us to offer a more detailed analysis and to analyse messages on all digital channels, whether public or private. The chance to connect with RingCentral Engage Digital is a great business advantage for us!

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Originally published Sep 08, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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