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[Expert' Take] Delphine, web designer @ RingCentral Engage


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An encounter with Delphine, a web designer at RingCentral Engage, who gives us details on her day-to-day work, away from any eavesdroppers in the open-space offices.

What is your task?

Delphine: I’ve been a web designer at RingCentral Engage for nearly 5 years. When I started, I just did pure web design; I created models for clients on Communities and integrated them, turned them into web pages. Today, as well as design and integration in CSS and HTML, I work on clients’ storyboards with project managers and train external integrators (like with Ooredoo, for example). I’ve also played a big role in the design of the new corporate identity (logo, website etc.) in collaboration with the marketing department.

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Why do you think customers choose Engage Communities?

Delphine: Because it’s a made-to-measure product. There are no two same communities: FAQs, expert platforms and forums can all take different forms. The community acts as a daily meeting for many contributors, who answer other customers’ or prospects’ questions. In any case, the goal stays the same for me: to improve user experience and reassure the visitor. If a user has a question about a brand, it’s often because they have a problem, so they are coming to the site with a negative opinion. Engage Communities helps the user to find an answer as quickly as possible through optimised design for each brand and project.


What are the strengths of Engage’s web design department?

Delphine: In 5 years, I’ve had time to master the products and learn how the company works, what everyone’s role is. That’s not always the case for agency web designers. Each project is different, and my work also consists of adapting our services. And to do this, I need to know everything about the company. Another advantage of internal web design is the time saved, as we all work together in one open space.


Is there a typical day for a web designer?

Delphine: Luckily there isn’t! (laughs) I can be working 100% on one project one day, or sometimes I have several meetings with project managers, or I respond to customer questions on specific points, or I work with the marketing department… there are plenty of things to do! We try to work efficiently, with a lot of work in advance and back and forth with the customer to guarantee satisfaction.


Describe RingCentral Engage in 3 words.

Delphine: Product-wise, I’d say they are both “usable and useful”. All products are packed with different functionalities and we work hard to make them very intuitive. Regarding Engage as a company, the word that comes to mind is “desire”. Everyone gives 200% to see every project succeed. Staff members are always valued. When I started, I didn’t do all the things I do now. We really trust each other. What’s more, the company just wants to innovate, to go international, to stay ahead of the trend.

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And finally, apart from web design, what is your passion in life?

Delphine: Hmm… I’m a PSG fan! I watch all their matches and I love Marco Verrati (editor’s note: player for Paris Saint-Germain)! People usually find that funny and ask me why. Girls can like football! It’s quite a recent passion… I must admit, a few years ago I thought Juventus was a club from Milan… (laughs)

Originally published Mar 21, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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