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Online Communities: A good bet for PMU


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The challenge

In 2010, following the French law on the introduction of regulation and competition for online gambling, PMU decided to diversify, with sports betting and poker. Since then, it has been the biggest gambling site in France.

In order to keep up with this change and make their customer experience as smooth as possible, PMU wanted to set up a community help platform.

High stakes in marketing and customer relations

PMU was looking for a way of meeting its customers’ expectations by offering a unified community that brought together its in-store gamblers and online gamblers. The solution had to differentiate PMU from the rest of the market with an innovative customer experience and a community for mutual help, without breaking the bank.

One of the project’s most important requirements was to offer a channel that did not increase queries but that intensified the relationship, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with our customers.
Chloé Beauvallet, Head of Services and Customer Relations, PMU

The RingCentral Engage solution

In 2015, PMU chose RingCentral Engage to create and set up a community support system. 3 months later, the community already has nearly 10,000 registered members and is a huge success.

PMU has thus galvanised its community and benefits from its expert members, who feed it and make it evolve. After 3 months, nearly half of responses are from community members, which means considerable time saved for advisers and a guarantee of quality for customers.

Find out about the PMU success story


  • 10,000 members registered in only 3 months
  • 98% questions answered
  • 45% answers from the community, two thirds of which from top contributors
  • 87% answer satisfaction rate (percentage of positive ratings out of total ratings for certified questions)

Originally published Mar 23, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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