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11 essential Customer Care statistics


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Improving customer experience is now a top priority for 72% of companies. To stay competitive and offer the best possible experience, it is essential to keep up with the rapidly changing customer expectations and new technologies.

To help you optimize your strategy and embrace the next trends, we have gathered a selection of the most important statistics to know.

The importance of Customer Care

Customer Care’s role is becoming increasingly essential for consumers’ choice. According to PwC, 73% of them point to Customer Experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

PwC Customer Experience Statistics

Omni-Digital Experience

Omni-Digital refers to the trend according to which customers exclusively use digital channels (messaging, email, social media, live chat…), without using traditional channels such as phone. These customers naturally use multiple channels, depending on the moment and the nature of their enquiry.

Like introduced in our whitepaper,66% of customers now use more than 3 different channels to interact with companies (Microsoft). This means that companies have to be present on channels expected by customers, and offer a consistent experience across them.

Statistic Omni-Digital Microsoft


The growth of messaging

Messaging, which offers the possibility to talk at an asynchronous pace, is the digital channel with the strongest growth. Widely adopted by customers for their personal uses, it is also very used for Customer Service. The launch of Messenger for Business in 2016 and GAFA’s projects in this area accelerate this trend.

Today, 67% of people expect to use messaging apps to talk to businesses (Chatbots Magazine).

Messaging app statistic


Chatbots for Customer Care

Chatbots are one of the major Customer Care trends. After arousing high hopes and disappointing experiences, more relevant models are being developed. To make the most of this technology and face its limits, it is essential to dedicate chatbots to a specific area and combine them with a human agent.

This strategy answers a real consumers’ expectations: 86% of them think that chatbots should always have an option to transfer the conversation to a human agent (Aspect).

Statistic Chatbots Customer Care


To discover all statistics about these trends, you can download our whitepaper:

Statistics Customer Care


Originally published Aug 17, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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