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Want to win $? Enter the RingCentral-sponsored Small Business School Challenge

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When the pandemic forced RingCentral customer Dry Dock Marine Center to close its doors—forcing all of its employees to work from home—the successful boating dealer adapted quickly.

Employees fired up their cloud communication apps on their home computers and smartphones, and they were able to continue serving customers without interruption.

It’s that type of rapid, intelligent pivoting that’ll continue to help small businesses survive—and thrive—through the “COVID Economy.”

Are you pivoting to survive and thrive?

But what about your small business?

If you’re among the millions of entrepreneurs who’ve seen their companies disrupted by the lockdowns, are you already pivoting to new models, new services, new markets?

Are you still looking for ideas and guidance to set your business up for success in a post-pandemic world? If so, have we got the thing for you.

Join the LifeWork Small Business School Challenge

If you’re struggling to identify viable strategies for your small business, we have a suggestion: RingCentral is the exclusive Gold Sponsor of the upcoming Small Business School Challenge—October 15-17—and you’re invited to participate!

Here’s why that could prove invaluable for your company:

Get free consulting help

You will be teamed up with MBA students from leading business schools around the country—including Harvard, Yale, and NYU—in a 48-hour virtual workshop. You’ll brainstorm ideas and develop innovative strategies for helping your business succeed in the coming year and beyond.

Network with other small and medium-sized businesses

You’ll also be able to tap into the ingenuity of the other small businesses participating in the challenge. You might even find a way to collaborate with another business—even one in an entirely different industry—to add value for each business and help strengthen both of your companies.

Get free media attention

As a participant in the Small Business School Challenge, you’ll also be featured in the SBSC’s own media initiatives—which will earn your small business free PR, and which could even lead to interest from new customers or partners.

And most importantly…

Win some cash for your business 💰

This is a contest, after all, so the winning teams will also earn cash prizes. More on this soon…

Nominate your own business—or just one that you like

When RingCentral sponsored the first-ever LifeWork SBSC Challenge earlier this year, more than 150 small businesses participated.

The feedback from that event was so positive—and the requests to host another were so widespread—that we’re now the exclusive sponsor of the second-ever Small Business School Challenge, taking place from September 24 through 26.


The nominating process is open now. But hurry—slots will fill up fast for small business participants.

Nominate your own small business here.

Or, nominate another small business for consideration.


We hope to see you there!






Originally published Sep 10, 2020, updated Aug 25, 2020

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