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Enhanced Quality of Service Analytics & Validation of Voice Quality and Reliability

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Here at RingCentral, catering to the mobile workforce is of key importance. In looking at how the mobile industry is developing, we have found that an increasing number of enterprises have moved their communications to the cloud and are relying on mobile devices for business communications.

That in mind, having a sound mobile-first strategy and a focus on voice quality with QoS reporting is a primary focal point for us. In order to meet this goal and to support RingCentral’s quality of service at a global scale, we’ve just introduced our new global Quality of Service Analytics capabilities for RingCentral Office administrators, which offer a powerful dashboard that provides transparent monitoring of the overall health of the voice call environment. New features of the RingCentral QoS dashboard include:

IT leaders require insights into the health of their cloud communications solution in order to successfully serve their users. Quality of Service (QoS) is a key metric that IT leaders need to trust and evaluate on a daily basis, as poor QoS can be a dealbreaker for users. Today’s voice communications leverage both mobile and IP networks and introduce network conditions that traditional PSTN-based calls never had to face.

To test how effectively the RingCentral platform maintains high quality of service, ESG Lab, an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community tested voice connections in both normal and adverse conditions. And RingCentral delivered great results!

According to ESG Lab report author and senior validation analyst, Tony Palmer the RingCentral platform achieved scores around 4.0 on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0, indicating good quality. For context, on this scale 5.0 is considered to be an in-person face to face conversation and nearly impossible to recreate. Importantly, the scores remained in this range when ESG Lab simulated adverse conditions related to network congestion, packet loss, and jitter. Achieving MOS in the 4.0 range under these conditions show that RingCentral can deliver high-quality voice communications consistently.

Ring Central’s MOS Performance and MOS SLA will be available for beta in February 2018, with beta for notifications and alerts coming in the second quarter.

Get the ESG report here to learn more about RingCentral’s QoS results!

Originally published Feb 21, 2018, updated Aug 11, 2020

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