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The challenges the enterprise world is now grappling with—employees who need to work from anywhere, sky-high customer expectations—are nothing new for transportation, travel, and leisure companies. Results from our recent Customer Success Metric Survey shows how deploying a unified communications solution can help businesses in this sector meet these challenges head-on.

Despite the word leisure in its name, there’s nothing leisurely about succeeding in this fast-paced sector: transportation-focused service business as well business and pleasure travelers are required to deliver great customer experience, 24/7. In order to deliver smooth, friendly, and personalized service, businesses need to quickly train and onboard staff based on seasonal needs. These teams need real-time access to information like training, delivery data, and resources from anywhere and on any device. The key to great customer experience is seamlessly enabling ease of mobility so they can stay connected with their colleagues and also their service partners. Those organizations that can deliver on these important attributes are best positioned to thrive in this highly competitive sector.

Our findings from a RingCentral survey

Deploying the right communication tools is make or break in this respect. We recently surveyed more than 500 RingCentral customers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.—including leaders in the transportation, travel, and leisure sector—and found that deploying our all-in-one messaging, video, and phone solution provides significant business value and improvements.

RingCentral Customer Success Metrics Datasheet | Transportation, travel, & leisure
We surveyed 500+ RingCentral customers on how RingCentral impacted their ROI

77% increase in employee mobility

Many workers are drawn to jobs in transportation and travel by the promise of broader horizons. Indeed, many roles in these fields are not about desk work. But from delivery drivers and tour hosts to hotel operations staff, these employees require tools that are as mobile as they are in order to communicate and access key information on location.

RingCentral transportation, travel, and leisure customers report a 77% improvement in employee mobility. This is due to the fact that our full suite of features is available on any device, as well as to powerful integrations with leading business applications like Zapier, Google, and ServiceNow that put critical information at workers’ fingertips wherever their jobs take them.

41% faster workflow deployment

Automation and the integration of business apps are important drivers of business efficiency and excellence: they help to reduce the burden of manual tasks, and improve access to and accuracy of key information such as customer data. When deploying such workflows is slow and complicated, it erodes the value of these integrations.

That’s not a problem for RingCentral customers, who report 41% faster workflow deployments. This improves the cost efficiency of integrating communications with other workflows and speeds the time to value.

26% increase in employee productivity

For service-focused businesses, optimizing employee efficiency and productivity helps do more with less staff (potentially offsetting costs such as gas price fluctuations). Whether it’s handling a greater volume of deliveries or reducing wait times for customers, the benefits of improving employee productivity are both immediate and highly impactful. Furthermore, the easier transportation, travel, and leisure organizations make it for people to do their jobs, the easier it is for them to attract and retain great employees—another driver of better business outcomes.

RingCentral transportation, travel, and leisure customers report overall productivity gains of 26%, on average. They also report key improvements to how work gets done within their organizations, reducing duplication and unnecessary tasks and effort in order to drive greater value from people’s time.

39% increase in customer satisfaction

Whether it’s receiving a package on time or having a great vacation experience—starting with the work of research and booking—customers have high expectations of transportation, travel, and leisure providers. And because there are so many options to choose from, those that can meet these demands are best positioned to thrive.

The gains RingCentral customers see from deploying our solution are impactful on many levels. But perhaps most important is the direct line between internal efficiency and better customer experiences. Because of the improvements discussed above—and more!—our customers report a 28% increase in customer satisfaction.

Smoother travel and transportation is in the cloud

Given the high level of logistical coordination involved in all aspects, the demands of instant scalability at all levels of this sector, it’s no surprise that a better communications backbone is so impactful for transportation, travel, and leisure businesses in order to succeed.

Jocelyn Vallieres, RingCentral’s Senior Director of Value Acceleration, says:

Communication, collaboration, and contact center solutions are the key to a new level of competitive advantage in this services sector.

“Clearly cloud communications are central, whether you are a hotel, a travel, transportation, and delivery business, or consumer leisure services-focused organization. Everyone has to be mobile yet accessible and productive. Employees need to get the job done even though they are no longer bound to a desk or tied to clunky solutions (like email) that hinder productivity and ultimately lower both customer and employee satisfaction,” says Vallieres. “For these organizations, the value of RingCentral is transformative on many levels.”

RingCentral customer success
This is only part of the story. Get all the key details here

Take transportation firm E.L. Hollingsworth and Company, which consistently exceeds customer expectations by combining comprehensive logistics software with an extensive network of offices, terminals, and warehouses throughout the U.S. and Mexico. There’s a lot to juggle: drivers need to know where to pick up and drop loads, right down to the precise dock number; customers need up-to-the-minute details about delivery times; and ground conditions frequently throw changes into the mix.

RingCentral helped E.L. Hollingsworth meet these many challenges. Matthew Lawrence, Systems Administrator for E.L. Hollingsworth, says:

The RingCentral platform plays a key role, especially for our Customer Success teams, in helping us consistently deliver a high-quality call experience to our customers and to be responsive whenever they need us.

A closer look at the RingCentral advantage

With results that encompass 16 key business metrics, there’s much more to unpack from our customer success survey. In this #CustomerSuccess blog series, we take a closer look at the RingCentral advantage as illustrated by the survey results and explore some of the specific improvements seen across key business segments and within industry vertical markets.

To learn more about the impact of deploying RingCentral, download our Customer Success Metrics Survey datasheet for the transportation, travel, and leisure sector now.

Originally published Jul 29, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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