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byod infographic snap Did you know most people use their mobile phones for work – even when they’re not in the office? An incredible 88 percent of corporate employees work on their personal smartphones outside of business hours, we learned after surveying 300 IT professionals.

That’s not the only striking data point from the survey, which took place in September. Half of the people polled even use their mobile phones while they are sitting right next to their desk phone. If you find yourself choosing your smartphone to handle business calls, faxes and email, you are in the majority.

Here are some of the survey’s main findings:


A key takeaway is that savvy workers (especially Millennials) are cutting the “corporate cord” and ushering in a new era of business communications.

“Mobility and BYOD [bring your own device] are fundamentally changing business communications by allowing employees to communicate about work matters when, where and how they want – even during personal time,” RingCentral president David Berman said in response to the survey findings. “Our mobile devices are turning into true business tools and are transforming the workplace as a whole, from shifting traditional business hours to changing how employees interact via voice, video, text and other business applications.

“These parallel trends are making legacy on-premise phone systems obsolete, as they do not meet the needs of the modern business,” Berman continued.

For even more findings, check out this presentation on our SlideShare page:

Originally published Nov 13, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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