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Dynasplint designs, manufactures and sells dynamic human and veterinary splints. Physical therapist George Richman Hepburn founded Dynasplint in 1981. For humans, the company of 215 employees produces a variety of splints for sports, orthopedic, neurological, ankle and foot, jaw, carpal tunnel, pediatric and external fixation aid. Dynasplint also produces veterinary splints for animals of all sizes, ranging from dogs to horses. All Dynasplint products are made in the United States, and the firm’s headquarters are located in Maryland.

imgres Before switching to RingCentral, Dynasplint used a Microsoft OCS PBX system. Although multiple issues had previously arisen with this system, the main problem was that it required frequent engineering support. It also had substantial maintenance costs.

“Strategically, we are trying to get away from the model that requires paying a six-figure engineer to be on staff for maintenance,” Dynasplint IT director John Ballard says. “This model also required us to purchase entirely new hardware when a new version was released.”

Ballard knew it was time to switch to a new phone system, and chose RingCentral after comparing other service providers.

The IT staff at Dynasplint had begun implementing RingCentral when they were faced with a potential disaster. “We were in the middle of a weekend data center move when I realized that our on-premise Microsoft system was having technical issues and wouldn’t be running by Monday morning,” explains Ballard. “Luckily, I had signed a contract with RingCentral, and had phones already delivered. We called our RingCentral representative, and our 60-day project plan to on-board 197 users happened in 12 hours.”

36_original Switching to RingCentral has also helped Dynasplint establish stronger internal connectivity. With over half of the business’ employees working remotely, there was no central form of communication. But with the RingCentral mobile app, users can access the company directory anywhere, anytime.

One Dynasplint employee with limited access to a desk phone was even able to integrate with the rest of the company by downloading the app.

“By switching to RingCentral, we have found a solution that can unify our 100 remote employees – one that has excellent voice quality, easy administration, and which employees love,” Ballard reports.

Originally published Feb 04, 2014, updated Aug 20, 2021

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