dhc usa We are delighted to announce that DHC USA has adopted RingCentral Office, an advanced cloud phone solution, team messaging and collaboration, and RingCentral Contact Center, a solution for customer engagement.

DHC USA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of high-quality products, including skincare items, makeup, fine foods and more. DHC was founded in Japan more than 30 years ago and has offices in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and the United States. It is one of the top five Japanese skincare companies and serves millions of customers globally, with annual worldwide sales approaching $1 billion.

RingCentral provides DHC with an all-inclusive and easy to manage solution for accelerating and improving both external and internal business communications. From multichannel contact center customer interactions to cross-departmental collaboration, RingCentral keeps DHC employees engaged and on track at all times. By moving to RingCentral, DHC no longer has the headache or cost of maintaining our legacy on-premise PBX systems, which was a difficult task for the IT team.

The busiest and most critical time for DHC is the first quarter of the calendar year. Millions of catalogs are mailed out across the U.S., creating a substantial volume of customer response to the DHC customer care center. RingCentral deployed its powerful Contact Center solution in just a few weeks, enabling DHC to quickly take advantage of the new capabilities during its peak period. Customers can easily engage with DHC USA through the communications channels they prefer, whether by phone, chat, or email. It also provides greater flexibility and speed for customer care advisors to communicate with other DHC USA employees to help resolve issues, improve customer relations, and increase loyalty.

RingCentral’s Glip messaging tool provides DHC with a solution to improve cross-departmental communication and project management by integrating disparate business applications under a common collaborative framework. Since Glip is integrated with RingCentral Office, DHC intends to use Glip to allow teams to work together more easily and effectively, while decreasing their reliance on email and streamlining daily workflow.

In 2017, DHC USA will celebrate 20 years in the United States.  RingCentral is honored to help them streamline their communications experience to yield increased customer engagement and employee productivity. As DHC continues to scale and grow, we are committed to addressing their needs by supplying solutions that produce concrete benefits.