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NEW: Customer Service Essentials bundle for small businesses

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We’re living in the age of the customer, where experience reigns supreme. In fact, buyers today are likely to stick with a company that offers awesome service even if it costs a little more.

This is great news for small businesses; you might not be able to compete with huge companies when it comes to price, but you’re a lot closer to your customers than some of the big-box stores can ever hope to be.

But delighting customers isn’t always a walk in the park. Even the best small businesses could use an advantage today, as everyone clamors to up their customer service game.

That’s why we’ve created the RingCentral Customer Service Essentials bundle. It’s a lean pack of tools that has all the features you need for next-level customer experiences, without any extra costs.

Let’s look at how this bundle could save your small business time, money, and customers!

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Delight your customers at every turn with these helpful strategies

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4 ways the Customer Service Essentials bundle helps small businesses

1. Delight more customers

With RingCentral, you can cut down on wait times and improve first-call resolution with customizable voice menus and call routing. Your service team can answer calls at their desk, on their computer, or even on their mobile device. Plus, you can text and fax customers right from the app:

The world today is in the palm of a customer’s hand. It’s more important than ever to offer a stellar experience the first time, and RingCentral Customer Service Essentials can help!

2. Supercharge team collaboration

Say goodbye to mile-long email threads!

With RingCentral, keeping up has never been easier. That’s because all of your teams live and work in the same app!

Our instant messaging feature comes with a lot of powerful features to keep your team on track, like:

  • 1:1 and group messaging
  • Share and store files
  • Pin important conversations for later
  • Set tasks and create calendar invites
  • Add guests to group chats for easy back-and-forth with clients and stakeholders
  • And more!


Ready to learn more? We don’t blame you!

Check out the Customer Service Essentials bundle

3. Dig into the data for better decision-making

Data is a beautiful thing. Unlike relying on your gut, data is a smarter, less risky way to make big decisions about your business. Plus, looking into the numbers could help prevent problems before they avalanche.

That’s why RingCentral Live Reports come standard with this bundle. It’s a lean, mean set of tools that help you get important insights on every step of the customer service journey. You’ll get:

  • Agent and call queue performance reports
  • Line of business analytics
  • Quality-of-service reports

Screenshot of RingCentral Live Reports sample dashboard

With Live Reports, you can make better decisions about staffing schedules, agent performance, and call resolution, and a lot more.

4. Get more done… without breaking the bank

No one understands a tight budget better than a small business owner. That’s why the Customer Service Essentials bundle doesn’t nickel and dime you. You’ll get the core RingCentral features—powerful business phone, team messaging, and video conferencing—plus the live reporting you need to set your customer service apart from the pack. That’s it! No frills, no fuss. Just an affordable set of tools that are easy to use and understand.

Bonus: having all the features inside the RingCentral app means less toggling between apps for your team. And that means more efficient work all day!

Browse the Customer Service Essentials bundle and see the difference

Providing the ideal customer experience is critical to the health of your small business. And luckily, you’re just a few clicks away from having the tools you need!

Learn more about the Customer Service Essentials bundle by clicking below:

Browse the bundle

Originally published Jul 06, 2022, updated Sep 15, 2022

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