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Customer Experience World 2018 : The new challenges of Omni-Digital Customer Care


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Last week, our team took part in the 2018 CEW at Park Plaza Victoria in London. This conference is recognized as the leading event for global business leaders and executives who want to learn leading-edge customer success strategies and best practices.

Many leaders, industry experts and customer service organisations gave the keys to successfully design, develop, and put into action their Customer Success Programmes.

AllSecur : an example of a successful digital transformation

One of our clients, Jeroen Kuiper, General Manager & Co-Founder of AllSecur (a company of Allianz) talked about “How to engage with customers in an omni-digital environment using AI & hybrid chatbot techniques”.

In his speech, Jeroen Kuiper explains :

  • How he selected the right channels (social media, chat, email and messaging)
  • How he implemented them to properly reply in a timely manner across all of them
  • How he integrated chatbots to improve efficiency

Therefore, AllSecur builds an ultimate Omni-Channel Experience to:

  • Further engage with the customer in a digital way
  • Enrich the customer experience to improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize efficiency and scalability of the customer service

Watch the full speech of Jeroen Kuiper to know how to deploy an omni-digital customer care strategy :


The new challenges of Omni-Digital customer care :

Moreover, Julien Rio, CMO at RingCentral Engage, talked about the new challenges faced by companies that want to insure an omni-digital customer care.

  • Being more digital: 

Your customers look for convenience, speed and mobile experiences. Their use of phone decreases in favor of digital channels. You need to identify their preferred channels and be available there.

  • Identifying your customers:

There is nothing more frustrating than having to explain your problem and identify yourself over and over again. To reduce your workload as well as increase your customer satisfaction, you need to recognize your customers in the digital world.

  • Managing large volumes of traffic:

Managing multiple channels is complicated and you need to find ways to handle this traffic while respecting your SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

  • Offering a consistent customer experience across channels: 

When your customer care teams are organized around different tools, you have technological silos and your customers enjoy a different experience based on the channel they use. You must find ways to regroup your teams  around a single tool to provide a seamless experience.

The RiingCentral Engage platform helps face these challenges, It seamlessly integrates with dozens of communications channels including Viber, Messenger, Facebook, email, and chat but also boasts an open API through which new platforms can communicate – proprietary apps on customers’ smartphones, for example. The RingCentral Engage API also allows integration with existing CRM systems to provide a 360 degree view of the customer. The platform can connect to chatbots, allowing companies to make the most of this new technology and facilitate the collaboration between human and artificial intelligence (AI) on a variety of channels.

CEW London 2018

Pros and cons of having a chatbot :

Furthermore, Julien Rio focused on the chatbot as an important element of an omni-digital customer care but showing also its limits.


  • Increasing your availability. A chatbot will be able to answer basic enquiries 24/7.
  • Responding to redundant and simple questions such as password retrieval, updating personal details…
  • Gathering basic context information for the agent. A chatbot can be used to qualify the customer’s enquiries (getting customer identity, the request’s topic, etc…) before handing over the conversation to an agent
  • Providing information in real time in a more interactive way than other channels.
  • Improving the agent’s job value with more challenging questions while the chatbot will provide assistance for basic enquiries.Using a chatbot will free up agents’ time so they can focus on more added value tasks


  • It can’t respond to all customers inquiries. A study from 3C Interactive reveals that 71% of consumers said the chatbot they interacted with could not answer their question or help them.
  • It will be overwhelmed at some point. So, it’s necessary to have a proper handover strategy for a human agent to take over.
  • It should be coherent with your activity otherwise it wouldn’t be efficient. Before launching a chatbot, 3 main issues should be addressed: what will be its perimeter? On which channels will it be implemented? How will it be accessible?


The 2018 CEW focused on the new challenges of an Omni-Digital Customer Care. In fact, more and more companies understand the importance to adapt their strategy in order to deal with their customers’ enquiries. Always searching to create a different and better customer experience, our client Jeroen Kuiper from AllSecur (a company of Allianz) successes to deploy a real omni-digital customer care strategy. Furthermore, companies can rely on chatbots but they should also take into consideration their limits. As Jeroen Kuiper said, “You must always be innovative and understand what your customers need to delight them. Quality products, quality communication and seamless experience.” This is why, companies should develop an efficient collaboration of humans and AI to meet expectations of all customers.

Originally published May 23, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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