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Creating a Winning Culture and Working Environment at RingCentral Xiamen


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Global human resources teams manage a number of critical operations. Whether they’re leading training and development programs, managing safety and risk, or minimizing liability, these teams have to drive best practices on a number of personal and professional levels. 

Some teams and leaders, however, see the bigger picture above and beyond the standard requirements and the four walls of the business. They see opportunities to improve the lives of their colleagues and the broader community. 

Our RingCentral Xiamen office recently received two awards by the Xiamen Human Resource Administrator Association, a group of HR professionals and government officials.  Firstly, we were awarded the 2018 – 2019 Xiamen’s Most Socially Responsible Employer. Secondly, Lynn Liu, our Director of Corporate Operations, was recognized as a 2018-2019 Top 10 HR Manager.

2018 – 2019 Xiamen’s Most Socially Responsible Employer Award

This award is given to an enterprise in Xiamen that shows significant contributions in social responsibility. The various charity and volunteer activities RingCentral Xiamen has organized through RCause have received very positive feedback and increased our visibility among the related organizations in Xiamen. As RingCentral continues to establish itself as a well-structured, employee-oriented, and society-friendly tech employer, our corporate culture has generated positive social impact and is well recognized in Xiamen. 

2018 – 2019 Xiamen’s Top 10 HR Manager

The association also recognizes 10 HR professionals in Xiamen for their excellent work and contribution in advancing the overall HR-related management and professionalism in Xiamen. Our HR leader Lynn Liu has been one of the main drivers growing the RingCentral Xiamen significantly the past year, both in organizational size as well as operational excellence and employee care. This award is a great recognition of her achievement.

A winning culture and working environment 

Xiamen RingCentral creates a caring environment, supports a learning culture, and maintains a positive working environment. Transparency is fostered and encouraged, allowing employees to communicate anything with their managers openly. The Xiamen office also supports  the career development of employees, providing internal & external training for language, professional skills, leadership development, and further education. I am proud of the great contributions of the RingCentral Xiamen team in creating and leading a winning team.

Originally published Aug 13, 2019, updated Jan 30, 2023

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