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8 benefits of contact center auto dialers

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  • Auto dialers offer significant benefits to contact center agents, including better morale and a smoother sales flow.
  • For customers, predictive auto dialers provide an improved customer experience by respecting customer preferences and catering to the customer’s convenience..
  • For contact centers as a whole, auto dialers provide greater flexibility, efficiency, agent productivity, and improved regulatory compliance.

Do you want a more efficient, effective contact center? If so, use auto dialers. This technology automatically dials numbers, saving time and money.

This article explores how auto dialers work and the benefits they bring to your contact center.

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer is a software tool used in contact centers that automatically dials numbers from a list.

Once the caller picks up, the auto dialer either connects the person to a live agent, or it plays a pre-recorded message.

The benefits of an auto dialer in your contact center

Below are the following benefits of using an auto dialer in the contact center:

  •         Flexibility
  •         Greater efficiency
  •         Higher agent productivity
  •         A better customer experience
  •         Improved agent morale
  •         A smoother sales flow
  •         Greater visibility and effectiveness via integration with other contact center tools
  •         Improved regulatory compliance

Auto dialers give contact centers greater flexibility

There are four types of auto dialers.

Preview auto dialers give agents the choice of dialing a number or skipping it. With a preview auto dialer, agents can research the person they’re calling to make sure that person is the right fit for the product or service. Moreover, research prepares an agent for the call, so they can personalize their messaging.

Progressive auto dialers automatically place the next call after the previous one ends. That means every time a person picks up the phone, they’re connected to a live agent. That boosts the chance of conversion, because a live agent can answer questions,  address issues, and provide a better customer experience.

Predictive auto dialers dial several numbers at once, then connect the agent to the next call in the queue. This type of auto dialer utilizes an algorithm that calculates the length of the current call to ensure high levels of agent productivity.

Manual agent-initiated call auto dialers ensure that a contact center complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a bill designed to protect consumers from being bothered by telemarketers. This type of auto dialer removes the headaches of TCPA compliance through automation.

The variety of auto dialers means that there’s likely at least one that fits your contact center.

Auto dialers boost efficiency

One of the first benefits people expect auto dialers to deliver is an increase in contact center efficiency.

Agents no longer need to dial a ten-digit string of numbers to connect to a single lead; moreover, errors are a thing of the past. An auto dialer guarantees a number will never be transposed or that an agent will accidentally dial the wrong digit.

Auto dialers increase agent productivity

Efficiency and productivity are closely linked. When agents don’t waste time dialing numbers (especially not potentially dialing the wrong ones), they get more done. They spend more time on sales calls, which can translate into higher sales.

Auto dialers create a better customer experience

Auto dialers dramatically increase the likelihood that agents will get through to the right customer the first time around. There are fewer wrong numbers, so agents have a lower likelihood of encountering irritated people on the other end of the line.

Additionally, the transition between dialing and the agent picking up is seamless; there’s no awkward pause during which the customer waits for someone to speak. From the customer’s perspective, it feels as though the agent dialed them directly and started talking.

Further, predictive auto dialers help agents contact the customers who would welcome calls at the time those calls are most welcome.

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Auto dialers improve agent morale

A better customer experience is closely linked to a better agent experience. When employees can deliver a positive customer experience, they feel better about their own jobs.

Moreover, agents feel better about their employee experience because they’re not making mistakes in dialing and connecting to the wrong people. They have access to better sales leads as a result, and are positioned for success.

Providing agents with tools like auto dialers enables them to succeed. When you arm your agents for success, they feel empowered to do their jobs to a higher standard of performance which, in turn, leads to a better agent experience.

This is highly important because a positive employee experience boosts retention. Agent churn in contact centers can be costly – the average cost to replace a single agent is at least $10,000.

Auto dialers make the sales flow smoother

Auto dialers allow agents to focus on what they do best: connect with customers and sell. They don’t have to worry that they’ve dialed the wrong number, or they’re calling someone who has opted into a do-not-call registry.

Instead, all the agent needs to do is focus on the customer. Auto dialers remove some of the pressure on agents so they can do their jobs effectively.

Auto dialers integrate with other contact center tools

With the right contact center software, auto dialers can be one in a set of tools to make contact centers more efficient and effective.

RingCentral’s cloud contact center software offers a number of features, including:

  •         Manager coaching capabilities
  •         Live reporting dashboards
  •         Analytics from calls
  •         Around-the-clock reachability – customers can contact you in return on the channel of their choice

Because RingCentral’s contact center is cloud-based, agents and supervisors have the freedom to work remotely. (Agents who work at home report higher levels of job satisfaction.)

In addition, RingCentral’s cloud-based contact center offers 99.999% uptime; you have peace of mind that your agents can close sales thanks to reliable technology.

Auto dialers support your efforts to be compliant with federal regulations

No one wants to run afoul of government regulations – it’s an expensive, reputation-damaging experience. At the same time, abiding by regulations puts a burden on contact centers. Ensuring compliance requires tedious efforts.

RingCentral’s manual agent-initiated call technology significantly reduces that burden. It features TCPA compliance-supporting tools, time zone-conscious technology, and the capability to intervene if a manager realizes there’s a problem. Callers can opt out of a call list, and the software remembers their choice for future reference.

See the benefits of RingCentral’s auto dialers in your contact center

RingCentral’s auto dialers deliver vital benefits to your contact center, including increased efficiency, a better customer experience, a positive employee experience, and increased compliance. Thanks to auto dialers, you save money and time, while increasing the likelihood of reaching successful leads. To learn more, get a demo.

Originally published Dec 06, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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