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Company Culture, Cats, and RingChella

As a new Business Development Representative (BDR), Matt Balestrieri, shares the inside scoop on onboarding, company culture, and his excitement for upcoming events like the Mario Kart tournament and RingChella. 


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  • Hiring for culture fit is as important as skills and experience, for the company and the candidate.
  • RingCentral’s onboarding experience emphasizes career growth, personal balance, and managers that listen. 

Company culture sealed the deal. 

When Matt Balestrieri was job hunting he wasn’t willing to settle. He was looking to join a company where he could be himself, grow, and feel welcomed into a community. 

To me, company culture means everything. It’s not something that can be written into a policy and magically come into fruition. Defining a strong culture takes practice. At RingCentral, community, teamwork, and inclusivity make up the fabric of the culture and these values surface everyday. RingCentral’s working environment made the decision to work here easy. From the get-go I was treated like a person and seen as an individual. During my onboarding process, everyone made an effort to welcome and get to know me.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Yes, that’s a cliché. But for Matt, it couldn’t be more true. As a new hire, Matt shared how he learned about RingCentral’s values by experiencing the ‘all hands on deck’ company philosophy.

At RingCentral we are all lifting the same brick to accomplish our collective goals. When I started, our President gave me his phone number on a Post-it note and told me to call him if I ever needed help,” Matt explained. This gesture is indicative of the larger company culture which is rooted in community. For example, through the RingCentral app, employees are able to chat about work and personal topics. “So, when I got a kitten, I reached out on the ‘Cats of RingCentral’ channel to ask for some advice. I was totally amazed by how many people responded to share their two cents. This experience, among many, has made me feel welcomed and excited to be a part of RingCentral’s tight-knit community.” 

Career growth and personal balance.

It’s one thing to feel welcomed. It’s a whole other thing to feel seen and listened to. From the beginning, Matt experienced all three

In my first few weeks with RingCentral, I have already felt supported in my career development and growth. I believe in the importance of doing something you are passionate about and I feel that RingCentral echoes this belief. My managers ask me what I want and help me achieve my goals to succeed.

To that end, while doing the work is really important, finding balance is arguably just as valuable. “During my first week, I was happy to see one of my co-workers hit the office gym in the middle of the day. It is reassuring to work for a company that enables employees to accomplish their personal goals too.” For Matt, witnessing a co-worker take a break, sent the message to him that it was okay to recharge.

Fun and gamers.

If unpracticed, work-life balance is just a pie-in-the-sky concept. Instead, RingCentral tries to practice what we preach.

RingCentral’s company ethos motivated Matt to join groups and engage in special events. “I am a member of RC Gamers and this year I am going to be the Belmont representative for the Mario Kart tournament during video game day. I am also looking forward to attending RingChella (hat tip: Coachella), a summer dance party and barbeque. I can’t wait to boogie on the dance floor to Wonder Bread—it’s going to be a blast!

When Matt was job searching, his top priority was to find a culture fit; at RingCentral he found what he was seeking. If you’re looking to join a company that values culture equally with experience, check out our open roles. We hope you’ll join us!

Originally published Sep 27, 2022

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