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Cloud is the best solution for Mitel small business customers


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Times have surely changed and it’s safe to say that the wave of remote and hybrid workplaces is here to stay. Remote work has rapidly taken over as the preferred way of work for businesses across all industries–including small businesses. 

And the number one ingredient that small businesses need in order to be successful in this new era of work? Flexibility

Whether it’s pivoting to customers’ ever-changing demands, heightened expectations, or understanding and meeting employees’ needs, flexibility is a constant priority.

Nothing is more important to RingCentral and Mitel than flexibility–that’s why RingCentral is Mitel’s trusted partner, offering Mitel customers an opportunity to migrate toward a cloud solution that offers small businesses all the mobility and versatility needed to ensure their collaboration and communication tools are top-tier and ready for anything.

Ready to migrate to the cloud?
Here’s the secret to successful hybrid or remote-first work.

Learn why RingCentral MVP is the best cloud solution for Mitel customers.


According to the Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 63% of small businesses prefer to use a public-hosted cloud service in 2022.

With so many small businesses favoring cloud and adapting to this modern way of working, it may be time to start thinking about making the shift from your current on-premise systems to the cloud through Mitel’s exclusive partnership with RingCentral.

Here’s are three reasons why small businesses like yours should shift to the cloud: 

1. Superior flexibility and mobility 

Having complete access to all of the data from your computer, while you’re mobile or working on the go is the new norm. With a cloud system like RingCentral MVP, you can easily have all your work files and conversations in the palm of your hand—phone, laptop, or tablet—anytime, anywhere. 

The power of responding quicker and easier collaboration can make all the difference for a growing business.This mobility gives small businesses an edge when it comes to expanding their companies and dealing with hyper-growth.

Eliminating the need to be “in-office” to do work, and being present for your employees and coworkers beyond the constraints of a desk is a game-changer.

2. Significantly more cost-effective compared to on-premise systems 

RingCentral MVP is an all-in-one solution that revolutionizes your call management and communications experience with endless business features–all at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware. 

As a small business, budgeting is essential for transforming your vision into a reality. Maximizing available resources and optimizing your money for what’s best for the company and desired results is everything.

A cloud solution that will help you work better and save costs? Sounds like a deal.

3. Leverage the convenience of an all-in-one solution

Small businesses and their employees have enough to worry about as it is. Struggling with the hassle of needing to use multiple apps and tools to work collaboratively is a nuisance.

Need to take a meeting on-the-go? No problem. Need to switch from video to phone quickly and undetected? Done. RingCentral MVP provides messaging, video, and phone capabilities in a single, unified application–on any device of your choice. 

It doesn’t stop there. ​​This impactful business tool also supports endless integrations with business apps including Google, Microsoft Office Apps, Teams, Salesforce, and more that you already use and love!


Reach your small business’ fullest potential with cloud 

Is your small business currently using Mitel’s on-premise phone systems? It’s time for a business transformation. 

Mitel and RingCentral worked together to create a cloud migration process specifically for Mitel customers, providing you with an easier, faster, and more effortless path to the cloud than any other vendor can offer. We are Mitel’s trusted partner and the absolute best next step for your small business. Learn more here about this impactful upgrade.

Many Mitel customers are already transitioning and seeing a huge difference with RingCentral MVP’s advanced features, such as: improved scalability, flexibility, reduced time and costs, seamless integrations, top-tier security, and more

Ready to expand your small business and conveniently do your best work from anywhere? Uncover the potential of cloud through our strategic partnership or chat with your Mitel partner today! 

Originally published Sep 08, 2022, updated May 12, 2023

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