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Chexout made its apps for infectious disease clinics more efficient for COVID—by integrating RingCentral


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They’ve been providing workflow management software to infectious disease clinics for years. Their clients include the CDC as well as the public health departments of many US states, counties, and cities. And, as you can imagine, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for Chexout’s apps—for managing clinics, onboarding test sites, automated results notifications, contact tracing, electronic disease surveillance, etc.—has skyrocketed.

As health agencies everywhere began rapidly setting up COVID testing facilities in the early days of the pandemic, one challenge they faced was the enormous call volume—both inbound (from people eager to get tested) and outbound (following up with patients after the test). So Chexout began looking for ways to help its clients more efficiently manage communications at both their COVID sites and their infectious disease clinics.

Integrating RingCentral Embeddable… in a day

After hearing about RingCentral from one of their public health clients, the team at Chexout researched the all-in-one cloud communications solution. They found that RingCentral offered app makers a wide range of APIs and other tools to integrate RingCentral’s services into their business software.

For example, by integrating RingCentral Embeddable into the Chexout platform, the company could give its clients click-to-call capability right from the Chexout interface. They could also automate secure messaging to clients’ patients directly through Chexout. Both features could streamline these public health agencies’ workflows—and help them serve more people in their communities.

But time was obviously a concern. “We were dealing with an enormous spike in demand from existing and new clients,” says Joe Paulini, Chexout’s CEO. “We didn’t have the capacity to do a major build, no matter how useful the integration would be for our clients.”

Fortunately, that wasn’t an issue. As Mike Brindamour, the company’s CTO, explains:

“All we had to do was drop a few lines of code into our app, and we were up and running. From the time we realized the RingCentral Embeddable integration was available… to the time our team was ready to push the new functionality to our clients… was about 24 hours.”
— Mike Brindamour, CTO, Chexout

A major efficiency boost for public health agencies

As Joe explains, since adding the RingCentral Embeddable integration into the Chexout interface, the company’s public health clients are experiencing significant benefits to their operations. “The staff at these clinics, testing and contact tracing facilities don’t have to grab their phones and manually dial numbers anymore,” he says. “The RingCentral Embeddable widget is always there in our app, so they can one-click dial right from their computers or tablets, and that means they can make a lot more calls in a day.”

Another benefit Joe points out is the ability to maintain records of inbound and outbound calls. “If these clinics’ staff and volunteers were taking and making phone calls from desk phones or their personal cell phones, it would be nearly impossible to keep an accurate record of that patient call data,” he says. “But now that all of these calls are going through the RingCentral environment, we’re able to record and archive this data for reporting and posterity purposes.”

Streamlining their own operations

Joe notes that his team’s discovery of the benefits of RingCentral’s cloud communications solution happened organically, as they were building RingCentral functionality into their offerings for clients.

“As we rolled it out for these agencies, we found RingCentral so intuitive and easy to implement that we asked ourselves: ‘Why aren’t we using it in-house?’ So now RingCentral is Chexout’s phone and video conferencing platform, and we’re seeing the same improvements in our own workflows as we’ve seen from our clients.”

“Our team found RingCentral’s cloud communications solution so productive for our clients that we’re now using it as our own company’s communications infrastructure.”
— Joe Paulini, CEO

Joe concludes: “Now we’re looking forward to integrating more of RingCentral’s communication tools into the Chexout environment.”

Originally published Apr 21, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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