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Celebrating National Donut Day!

RingCentral and donuts — the two best things about meetings.


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  • National Donut Day falls each year on the first Friday of June.
  • Donut Day was established in 1948 to honor Salvation Army who fed soldiers donuts during World War I

Anyone want an “OilyCake?” 

It is estimated that more than 10 billion donuts are sold every year in the US and we have the Dutch to thank for these irresistible fried treats. According to Smithsonian Magazine, donuts are attributed to early Dutch settlers who brought them over to New York with the name olykoeks or “oily cakes.”   Can you believe a name like that didn’t catch on? 

Donuts  – The Arsenal of Democracy

During WWI, Salvation Army members cheered the troops by preparing these delicious defenders of democracy right on the battlefield; frying them up in helmets seven at a time, which we’re pretty sure is what caused the Kaiser to surrender. In 1938, National Donut Day was established in their honor.

Pro Tip: Make your next meeting request delicious.

For Donut Day 2022, the National Today’s Data Science Team surveyed Americans about the sweetest breakfast around asking, “What would you think of someone who brought donuts to the office?” More than half responded they would “think highly of them.” So would we, if you happened to invite us to an on-site meeting. We would think of you very highly. Especially if there were apple fritters. Just saying.  

Donuts  2.0

RingCentral is known for innovation, but the innovators we support are the reason we get up in the morning – sometimes literally.  Right now, our clients are leading breakthroughs in the critical field of donutology, all across the land. 

Detroit Mini Donut is a feisty, woman+minority-owned mobile donut truck famous for hot, fresh mini donuts made while you watch. 

In the mood for a Pistachio Old Fashioned or Wildflower Honey donut? (You are now.) Hit up Chicago’s Firecakes Craft Donuts

Oh, and America may run on Dunkin’, but guess who runs some of their meetings? RingCentral. Yeah, that’s right. (They sell two billion donuts a year because they’re wicked-smart, kid.)

We could go on, but we’re already so hungry we’re going to wrap this thing up. We extend joyous National Donut Day wishes to all who celebrate, and say “thanks,” to donuts themselves—the only thing more critical to a meeting than RingCentral. 

Originally published Jun 03, 2022, updated Jun 06, 2022

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