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Call Flip: Switch from your PC to mobile (and vice versa) with a single click


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  • Call Flip: in an audio or video meeting, you can switch between devices with a single click.
  • Switching is seamless so you don’t lose a second of the meeting.
  • As the world shifts to more flexible work models, there’s a growing need for mobility in our communications apps.


Working from anywhere promotes both productivity and better work-life balance. Achieving both at the same time, however, creates some new challenges. 

Consider the following scenario: You have to get the kids from school or run a time-sensitive errand, but you’re stuck at your desk in a meeting that’s running long. To get both things done at the same time, there’s no choice but to disconnect from your computer and call back from your smartphone—and you’ll likely miss a couple of minutes and potentially cause some disruption in doing so.

It’s a conundrum for the ages as employees working from home juggle job-related and personal tasks—and it’s a challenge that will persist long after the pandemic. That’s because as many as four in five companies plan to switch to hybrid workplace models and allow employees to choose where they work. With this shift comes a heightened need for seamless mobile work tools that give employees the freedom to easily switch between work environments.

When it comes to making meetings more mobile, we have a special trick up our sleeves: the Call Flip feature.

What is Call Flip?

Call Flip allows to switch devices during an audio or video meeting with a single click

We’ve all been there—you’re in a meeting and need to go prepare lunch, or perhaps you started a call away from your desk but then want to join in later using your larger laptop screen. The problem is, once you’ve chosen a device to join with, you’re locked in until that meeting ends.

Call Flip allows you to switch devices during an audio or video meeting with a single click—without losing a second of the meeting. As long as you’re logged in to the RingCentral app on both devices, the switch happens instantly as if you never left.

How does Call Flip work?

It’s easy and super intuitive. Just follow these steps:

  1. Join an audio or video meeting from the RingCentral app on any device.
  2. When you want to switch devices, open RingCentral on a second device.
  3. A window will pop up on your second device asking if you watch to switch to this device.
  4. Click “Switch” and you’re all set!

Why you should use it

Although it’s as simple as a click, Call Flip helps to deliver the full flexibility and mobility workers need these days.

More mobility

Hybrid work doesn’t only mean shifting between the home and office. From the backyard to coffee shops and coworking spaces, it’s about enabling a work-from-anywhere mentality that allows employees to do their jobs wherever they need or want to. 

This includes tools and solutions that seamlessly shift between environments, helping them to stay connected no matter where they go.

No more being tied to one device

While smartphones and laptops enable employees to work from anywhere, being tied to one device can still hinder mobility, especially if you’re bogged down by meetings. 

Sure, you can hang up and dial back in if you need to switch devices or locations, but that’s not an ideal solution. For starters, you’re guaranteed to miss some of the conversation while you wait to reconnect, and all of your colleagues will see you drop off the call. 

With Call Flip, there’s no such disruption.

Preparing for a remote-first future

Employees today require more mobility than ever before, and this need is shifting all aspects of how we work. This is true even for staff that return to the office—whether they’re busy executives, employees with back-to-back meeting schedules, or sales reps who need to meet with clients—and communicate with the office—from the road.

Whatever your workplace model, work simply isn’t as static as it used to be. It’s time to employ tools that free employees to do their best work, no matter where they are.

Originally published Jun 14, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

Work together from anywhere with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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