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Building something bigger

Incoming Senior VP of Small Business Sales Jonathan Leaf is building a sales organization designed around better customer experience


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  • RingCentral helps SMBs improve their ability to streamline workflows, increase meeting efficiency, and other productivity benefits.
  • Our SMB business is growing fast, which means there are lots of opportunities for new talent to join the team.

The prelude

When the public cloud first took off, Jonathan Leaf saw the writing on the wall, and built a wildly successful sales organization. When he saw the communications industry taking off, he saw another opportunity to build something amazing. Today, Leaf is doing what he loves most – building a state-of-the-art global sales organization, right here at RingCentral.

The build

As the UCaaS and CPaaS revolutions began, Leaf saw an opportunity on par with the public cloud at RingCentral. “The technology (RingCentral) provides brings people closer together, allows for more-and-better collaboration, and just helps people be more productive. So that’s a huge opportunity. But again, I love to build. So not only is the tech itself an opportunity, but I’m being given the chance to build a global sales organization, and that’s what’s really exciting—operating an organization of several hundred people with responsibility for so many customers’ success.”

The culture 

Being at the forefront of emerging technology is great, but it only becomes a meaningful opportunity if you have the freedom to contribute in ways that play to your strengths. That’s where culture comes in. Leaf knew RingCentral’s famously collaborative, open culture would give him the opportunity to build an organization centered on customer experience, and that’s what made the difference. 

“I’m empowered to make strategic decisions that impact the business and the company. We’re thinking about how we go to market, we’re thinking about the investments necessary to get to market efficiently, and we’re always thinking about ways to improve the productivity of our teams and experience of our customers.” 

It’s that sort of empowerment that Leaf thinks will drive learning, and make the opportunity itself exciting. He wants to build a very collaborative, fun yet accountable culture that people love being a part of.

The opportunity

“No one ever gets to tackle a market opportunity of this size,” says Leaf. “Just the sheer number of customers and attainable revenue, plus optimizing our own systems and programs to help sellers be more productive and efficient.  All those are needs we’ll be addressing. So we’re looking for customer-obsessed builders at every level: salespeople, pre-sales engineers, first-line managers, channel managers, marketing, sales operations…you name it, we’re looking.”

The outlook

It’s one thing to spot a market opportunity. But to capitalize on it, a company has to make the most of its people. Leaf thinks RingCentral is set up for success in that department. “There are so many opportunities for learning and growth here, we just seem to get the best out of folks, and that means good things for customers. As long as we continue to invest in our people, the opportunity is as big for each of us as it is for the company, and the market overall.”

Originally published Aug 10, 2022

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