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Bed sheet and bigger dreams: Pierre's success story


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It was when she purchased her dream bed sheet that marked the new chapter in her life and career. She could remember it clearly–she was on her way home from the mall where she bought that bed sheet of her dreams when she bumped into her colleague from RingCentral who noticed how happy she was that moment. That was her first payday in RingCentral and the day when she began to make her dreams come true.

From Bed Sheet to Bigger Dreams

Pierre or ‘Damdam’ as what people close to her call her, has been with RingCentral for the past three years as an Account Executive. Prior to joining RingCentral, Damdam has worked for numerous companies in the hopes of rising through the ranks and earning more for her future. Earning just enough to sustain her daily needs, striving to survive was hard, yet the only thing to do back then.

She knew she needed to be more disciplined in managing her finances. And that’s exactly what she did. She learned how to get her priorities straight and act on every single one in her list. One of them, which also seemed to be the most important one, was to look for a new employer that could give her the financial freedom she needed and deserved.

And three years ago, that goal started to come about when she decided to join RingCentral together with her friends. Ever since she became part of the Sales team, she has been enjoying all the perks and rewards that came with her hard work. As a result, she has been able to save more for herself, start some investments, and provide better for her family since then. Earning up to 4x she used to earn in her previous jobs, she had indeed achieved financial stability with RingCentral.

Now that surviving every day is no longer a problem, Damdam is already working on her future, making sure that she will someday harvest all the fruits of her hard work.

RingCentral to the Rescue

For Damdam, the past few months have proven how important it is to be with an employer who knows how to take care of employees given the toughest situations. As soon as the pandemic hit everyone and the lockdown was implemented, RingCentral responded with a sense of urgency and concern enabling all employees to be work-from-home ready.

That was the moment when Damdam knew that she made the right decision three years ago. She felt lucky that she belonged in this industry and in RingCentral. She was grateful that when everything around her seemed uncertain, she was sure that she could continue working and earning for herself and her family.

As she was surrounded by stories of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy, she realized that she is blessed to have a secure job. “ I just feel blessed that I never missed my quota despite the WFH setup. “I’m just happy that I’mstill able to work during the pandemic, happy that I’m secured. I’m also thankful that we’re still in a work from home setup as I don’t feel safe to go out yet.” Pierre added. Asked if she was able to continue putting money into her savings, she proudly shared how committed she’s been in securing her future through her savings and investments despite the ongoing crisis.

In fact, she even has Ipon Goals with three different sets of friends where they set goals in terms of savings that they all need to achieve. And other than saving money for her future, she is also able to give back and extend help to her family in Bicol. All thanks to her discipline and the security brought about by her job.

The Together Culture

Aside from financial stability and job security, another reason why Damdam still chooses to stay with RingCentral is its employee-friendly culture. From leaders down to her colleagues, everyone shares this culture of learning and understanding. And even during the quarantine, this was maintained through #FunInTheCloud where employees get to enjoy engagement activities via webinars and virtual shows where they can even extra income through games and raffle draws.

Just like a family, the entire RingCentral community stood by each other and pushed through the toughest moments. And Damdam knows that that’s what she needed especially during these trying times. Damdam especially gives props to her leaders who never let her down. For her, they were the enablers of such a great culture where employees can have meaningful professional and personal relationships in the workplace.

And that is also reflective in Damdam’s relationship with her clients who she treats as partners. Having shared a healthy relationship with her, one of her clients even literally took the extra mile to visit her in the office to show appreciation for the great work that she does.

Asked what’s her advice to those who are considering joining RingCentral, “If you want to secure your future, be financially stable, but still feel valued and treated like family, then RingCentral is the perfect place for you. Don’t settle for anything less, you all deserve better and RingCentral will always empower you to achieve more.” she closes.

Originally published Sep 03, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2021

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