Assessing digital maturity for your next-gen cloud contact center

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Customer service has never been more critical than it is today. Fueled by technological advancements and a culture of instant gratification, market expectations have evolved dramatically. To attract and retain customers, businesses must look beyond traditional strategies like offering more options and lowering prices, and build robust customer service strategies.

Because of the numerous communication options at a customer’s disposal and the vast amount of data involved, the modern-day business has no choice but to adopt a digital-first customer service approach. An integrated next-gen cloud contact center is the best solution for bridging the gap between your enterprise and customers because it offers all the tools, access, and flexibility necessary to engage buyers effectively without requiring extensive, costly implementation.

Transitioning to a cloud contact center can be challenging, especially if you have been using traditional methods for a long time. Fortunately, you can tackle the hurdles easily by first assessing your current state of digital maturity.

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Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers for Dummies®, RingCentral Special Edition eBook

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers for Dummies®, RingCentral Special Edition eBook

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The importance of a digital maturity model for contact center transformation

Deploying a cloud contact center is much more than just investing in the cloud contact software. For successful implementation, you must have a strategy that defines your current position and elaborates the steps needed to complete execution.

A digital maturity model helps you know where to start when shifting to a cloud-based contact center solution. It reveals your current capability level – basic, standard, advanced, or optimized – and enables you to determine where to focus your efforts to progress to the next level.

How can you assess your current state of digital maturity?

A digital maturity assessment helps you understand where you are and develop an approach that builds on your strengths and adequately addresses your weaknesses.

RingCentral provides a digital maturity assessment tool to help contact centers see where they fall on the maturity spectrum. To evaluate your contact center digital maturity, you can take this handy quiz. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll get a personalized report with actionable insights and recommendations on how to evolve your strategy. Plus the report will tell you how your CX strategy stacks up against peers in your industry.

Here are some of the factors the assessment tool takes into account to give you insightful recommendations:

Let’s extrapolate these factors below.

Customer experience

In today’s overly digitized market, a stellar customer experience can be an excellent indicator of digital maturity. How are you providing personalized, intelligent, and intuitive experiences? Is the engagement quality consistent from one channel to the other? How fast are you solving customer issues? Comprehensively answering these questions can reveal customer experience gaps and whether they stem from inadequate digital tools and capabilities.

To determine your customer experience maturity, consider five critical customer-facing metrics:

Agent productivity

Measuring your agents’ productivity can help you identify shortcomings in skill, knowledge, tools, and access and take proper measures, such as investing in comprehensive, collaborative cloud contact software, reviewing data access policies, reinforcing digital security, and enhancing coaching and feedback processes.

Below are six metrics that define digital maturity from an agent productivity perspective.

Overall strategy

The most successful cloud contact centers are deployed with a strategy that is supported by the entire business. Therefore, you can determine your current digital maturity level by assessing whether your organization’s overall strategy views digitization as essential to growth, profitability, and competitiveness.

These six metrics define whether your overall business strategy demonstrates digital maturity.

Achieve contact center digital maturity with RingCentral

Assessing digital maturity is the first step toward successfully transitioning to a next-generation cloud contact center. With a proper understanding of your starting point, you can define your picture of success and the moves you will make to achieve it.

RingCentral is the leading provider of comprehensive, tailored solutions for cloud contact centers. Our global cloud contact platform integrates an array of customer contact options, productivity and collaborative tools, and data management solutions to ensure your agents are fully equipped to deliver superior customer experiences and maintain high-level productivity. Moreover, our solutions offer unmatched cost-saving and scalability capabilities and are the ideal tools for pushing the cloud contact center agenda to top-level management as a business strategy.

Want to know more about how you can transform your organization with RingCentral’s next-gen cloud contact center? Download RingCentral’s Special Edition eBook: Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers for Dummies today.


Originally published Jan 12, 2022

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