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[Expert take] Adrien, Head of Research and Development @Dimelo


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I meet up with Adrien, Lead Developer and Head of Research and Development, who spares me a few moments between coding sessions.

Can you tell me a bit about your career before you came to Dimelo?

Adrien: My passion for IT was born when I was 7! I started doing programming at school and after studying sciences at high school, I went to Epitech in Bordeaux, where I learned a lot. I did my first internship in an agency that did web and mobile development. That’s where I discovered Ruby on Rails (editor’s note: web framework written in Ruby), which we use currently at Dimelo. Finally, after an internship at Société Générale in Paris to finish off my course, I took part in a Ruby competition organised by Dimelo and… I won! I won a drone and had finished my final internship.

You wear two hats at Dimelo, as Lead Developer and Head of Research and Development. What do they involve?

Adrien: My role as Lead Developer is mainly to be available for developers, to help them and to guide them to create a functional product together adapted to the client’s needs. To achieve this, I make technical decisions and technological choices regarding the functionalities of Dimelo products. Then, in my role as Head of Research and Development, I make sure the service runs smoothly (recruitment, equipment, communication between teams, etc.). And I represent the R&D department in meetings with partners and clients. 

What are the strengths of Dimelo’s Research and Development department?

Adrien: For me, the main strength in our team is also one of the main reasons why I wanted to join Dimelo, and that’s the start-up spirit. We are a closely knit team. That’s how we’ve created a bond at work that makes us want to move forward together by communicating and helping each other. I’ve been lucky enough to work with highly skilled people who are always keen to learn more. So we move forward effectively, we develop a lot of things and don’t lose much time with explanations… which can be the case in other start-ups.

Expert take Adrien Head of Research and Development @Dimelo

Why do you think customers choose the Dimelo Digital platform?

Adrien: For me the platform’s main advantage is the SaaS, which enables our clients to test the product at little cost and install it easily and quickly. The advantage is that they possess an autonomous platform that updates automatically. It can therefore evolve and connect to new digital channels as soon as they appear, as was the case with Messenger, for example. Finally, the clients appreciate that it is a comprehensive tool that enables them to manage all of their Customer Relations. What’s more, its ergonomic design makes it easy to manage.

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What do you like the most about working at Dimelo?

Adrien: Apart from the team, which is really great, I like being faced with new challenges every day. It never gets boring! We have to be highly reactive if there is a problem, so that it doesn’t affect the client. We like to think we’re a bit like fire fighters here at Dimelo! (laughs). And then, I like that we can meet up to go to a restaurant, play table football or have a drink together.

What are your passions in life?

Adrien: I’m always on the lookout for innovations and new technology via projects such as the Hyperloop (editor’s note: a raised double tube through which capsules move transporting travellers). I love it! I’ve also played the bass guitar since I was 13 and at the moment I play with two Parisian groups. Apart from that, I like amateur photography, but what I love the most, except for table football at Dimelo, is charcuterie and rum! (laughs).

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Originally published Sep 08, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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