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How ENGIE gets a 360° customer view


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Digitalization is one of ENGIE’s priority axis and an essential component of its offers. The energy provider has launched a strategic transformational change plan to put digital technology at the heart of everything the Group does, and establish ENGIE as a leading force in the global energy transition.

In this context, the company’s digitalization is also based on its customer care. Since 2014, the energy provider provides a set of online services for its customers, allowing them to be autonomous on 60% of their journey. They also have the possibility to contact the energy provider on multiple channels.

ENGIE’s Digital Customer Care

ENGIE’s presence on messaging channels, email, chat and social media allows the company to answer customers’ new expectations. To treat these enquiries efficiently, ENGIE’s 5,000 agents are using the RingCentral Engage solution. As a result, they can answer all messages from a single interface, contributing to the reduction of handling time and more customer satisfaction.

Among RingCentral Engage’s advantages, ENGIE talks about the possibility to use APIs and built-in webhooks to easily integrate other customer care tools. To adapt the solution to its specific needs, ENGIE worked with Almavia, which provides consulting and engineering services for digital customer care. Almavia developed around Dimelo’s open platform specific integrations to answer ENGIE’s issues.

The CRM integration for a 360° Customer view

CRM is one of Customer Care’s main blocks, by allowing to gather transactional data. A Digital Customer Interactions Platforms such as RingCentral Engage is meant to treat large volumes of messages from multiple channels, to offer an homogeneous and reactive experience on each of them. By integrating together, both tools can synchronize their data to enrich each other, allowing a 360° customer view.

Espace Client ENGIE

With this objective, Almavia is a specific development project to integrate ENGIE’s CRM with RingCentral Engage:

  • Within RingCentral Engage : the data stored in the CRM can be used by RingCentral Engage. Data such as customer’s status can then be used to route messages and are visible by agents when treating enquiries. They then have all necessary data from a single interface.
  • Within ENGIE’s CRM: the data stored in the CRM can be accessed from RingCentral Engage. Data such as the customer’s status can then be used to route messages and are visible by agents when treating enquiries. They then have all necessary data in a single interface.

Digital Customer Care data analysis

Data related to Digital Customer Care are essential to pilot teams’ activity and improve their strategy. Within RingCentral Engage, ENGIE’s teams can easily access detailed data such as the number of messages by channel, customer satisfaction, first contact resolution rate, average response time….

Almavia developed an export to allow ENGIE’s teams to access a view of this data in their business intelligence tool. The richness of this data is accessible within the BI tool, in the same way as data from other acitivites.

With this integration, ENGIE has all the necessary tools to process efficiently its customers’ enquiries on digital channels. Thanks to the RingCentral Engage open platform and Almavia’s support, ENGIE was able to have this solution up and running in only 5 months. To continue its digitalization and satisfy even more its customers, ENGIE plans to integrate new channels such as forums and a messaging feature to their mobile app.

Originally published Mar 07, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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