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8 ways to boost sales with the RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud integration

RingCentral and Oracle Sales Cloud streamlines the sales process for today's teams


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High-performing sales reps are much more than mere masters of the pitch—they’re also efficient, scaling their work to close and renew a greater volume of high-value deals without creating additional drag in time and effort. In other words, top sales reps are all about optimizing ROI: findings ways to increase returns while reducing low-value activities such as making calls, entering notes, and customer data in CRM software such as Oracle Sales Cloud, and other mundane tasks.

It’s not that this work isn’t an important part of sales. Cultivating a pipeline of prospective customers, entering their information and notes from all your conversations into a database, and scheduling calls are all necessary precursors to closing the deal. But these tasks often feel like they stand in the way of selling. In fact, according to one survey, sales reps spend nearly two-thirds of their time on admin and other non-revenue-generating activities.

Part of the problem is that it’s hard to find a tool that meets all of sales reps’ daily needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is great for managing, tracking, and analyzing relationships with existing and prospective clients, but it requires extra tools to manage and track key sales activities such as calls. Just the act of switching between these apps can slow productivity and reduce efficiency and sales velocity to the tune of a lost hour per day for the average employee.

The RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud integration reduces this drag by transforming your CRM software into an all-in-one customer management hub that includes robust communication tools such as audio and video calling and SMS. Here are eight ways to use the RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud to boost sales.

1. Get started without IT

IT staff can be a great partner when it comes to helping you deal with a bug, it sometimes feels like they stand in the way of getting work done. Whether it’s not understanding the unique needs of a sales team in purchasing solutions, or a long service queue to configure a new software solution, IT can sometimes feel like a bottleneck. Finding tools that can be easily deployed, without much—or any—help from IT can make life easier for everyone. The RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud integration is quickly and easily installed, without any need for customization, middleware, or other IT support, allowing you to start optimizing sales activities immediately.

2. Dial from your database

If you’re managing a heavy pipeline or customer base, even quick tasks—like locating a customer’s information, opening your phone app and inputting their phone number from your CRM, and switching back to their records—can soon add up to a big time drain. When you install RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud, you can dial with one click directly from your database, eliminating extra steps so you can keep up the pace of selling.

3. Prevent misdials

Another way having to layer in external communication apps can slow you down? It’s easy to make mistakes, such as dialing the wrong number, if you have to manually cross-populate information. The ability to click directly on a phone number and make call directly from Oracle Sales Cloud prevents misdials altogether, giving you back all those lost minutes.

4. Work from wherever, whenever

Even before COVID-19, sales jobs were 67% more likely to be remote than positions within other business lines. Whether it’s an early-morning call that satisfies the client’s scheduling need, or a quick turnaround between an in-person meeting and a video chat with a prospective client, sales teams need tools that are compatible with their irregular routines. RingCentral’s Oracle Sales Cloud integration is accessible from anywhere, and you can easily redirect calls initiated within Oracle Sales Cloud to any landline, mobile device, or RingCentral without disruption.

5. Always know who’s calling

When you don’t know who’s calling, it can be tempting not to pick up the phone, especially if you’re in the middle of another task. That temptation is at odds with demonstrating your ability to readily meet customer’s needs—and if you act on it, may be a lost opportunity to show that you’re available and always receptive to hearing from them. With the RingCentral integration, not only can you answer calls directly from Oracle Sales Cloud, but you’ll also know exactly who’s calling—so you never accidentally hit “decline” on an important client.

6. Make it personal—instantly

Being able to tailor your conversations to a client’s unique needs and preferences is a key ingredient for sales success—and that’s why Oracle sales software, which allows reps to build detailed client profiles, is so prevalent within the sales function. When a client calls, the sooner you can pull up their information, the better you can help them. When you install RingCentral’s add-on for Oracle Sales Cloud, your customer’s full profile will display immediately when they call you, making it a more meaningful and personal conversation from the word “hello.”

7. Capture new customer information directly from your call

Niggly data entry errors, such as a typo in a phone number, are always frustrating. But even worse, these can erode your sales performance if they prevent you from following up with a prospective client. RingCentral allows you to capture information to Oracle Sales Cloud right from your call, reducing manual data entry work and the potential for errors. 

8. Seamless follow-ups

It’s not just what you say on a sales call that seals the deal—sales success also requires meticulous follow up. With RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud you can add notes and reminders to the Wrap Up Tasks window immediately from your call, so those important next steps don’t slip through the cracks.

Amp Up Your Sales Activities with RingCentral

Being successful at sales requires aligning all of your activities—both the exciting stuff like pitching, as well as mundane data entry and tracking work—to ensure maximum velocity. But the burden of using different technologies to conduct various tasks can steal your momentum. With RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud, your teams can combine two vital functions—CRM and communications software—to create one powerful sales tool.

Essential to this is RingCentral Office, our unified communications solution that combines team messaging, video conferencing, and cloud phone into a single platform.  With a unified solution, employees can communicate and collaborate from anywhere, on any device, using any mode of their choice (message, video, phone).

Together with integrations such as Oracle Sales Cloud, teams can streamline their workflows while simplifying their technologies.

Learn more about RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud here.

Learn more about integrations in our post, “What exactly are cloud-based integrations?

Originally published Aug 12, 2020, updated Jan 18, 2023

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