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5 productivity solutions in the cloud


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As newer technology continues to surface, many businesses are forced to adapt their strategies to remain competitive and stay aligned with their customer’s needs. One adaptation companies embraced over the last few years has been cloud adoption.

The move to the cloud has provided several operational benefits for business, including better scalability and significant cost savings on IT expenses. However, there are also many great cloud-based productivity solutions that can help companies increase organizational output and efficiency.

Here are five productivity solutions in the cloud that are worth looking into.

1. Cloud-Based PBX Phone Systems

According to, about 96 percent of businesses globally have shifted to some form of cloud-based service or platform as of 2018. Cloud phone system benefits cover businesses of all sizes, from startups to large global companies. Many offer advanced unified communication features that companies need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Previously, businesses had to depend on physical and on-site equipment, such as PBX cabinets, for their telecommunication needs. With the increasing shift to the cloud, these systems and applications can be stored safely in off-site data centers.

Now that cloud-based phone systems are becoming more common in the modern digital landscape, many providers now offer feature-rich packages, including equipment and service, that can help businesses scale their telecommunications quickly and sustainably.

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platforms

As organizations look for more efficient ways to scale their business needs, especially as they adopt new cloud services and applications, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a viable productivity solution. RPA platforms give businesses the ability to deploy a digital workforce of self-driven software programs that can completely automate repetitive tasks in the cloud and on-premise.

When you eliminate the time-consuming and often-times inefficient process of data management, order processes, accounting, and administration, you create a much more streamlined and productive workforce. RPA platforms enable employees to automate many cloud service activities, giving them more time for mission-critical operations and significantly improving the bottom line.

3. Data recovery solutions

When data and information are stored locally, problems such as data breaches, file corruption, and compliance issues can happen quickly. When your organization’s data and information are stored in the cloud, it is much easier to retrieve it and recover in the event of system-wide outages or disasters.

Many small businesses cannot afford the significant financial impact of manually recovering their systems after a data breach or long-term outage. Cloud-based data recovery solutions establish necessary safeguards for organizations to store and access their digital assets. In the event of a disaster, these solutions are designed to get your systems operational in the least amount of time while leaving your internal team members focused on other critical pieces of the business.

4. Cloud file storage

With more and more organizations adopting remote working arrangements, being able to access company assets remotely and in real-time is essential. Cloud storage solutions enable new levels of productivity, giving employees the ability to access their work regardless of where they’re located and their work schedule.

Another benefit of cloud storage is the reduction of on-premise hardware and resource requirements. Cloud storage solutions eliminate bandwidth constraints on internal systems and increase employees’ output as well as their overall productivity and efficiency.

5. Project management applications

One of the significant benefits of relying on cloud services to facilitate project management planning is increased productivity and improved collaboration. Cloud-based project management applications are a great way to bring teams together while allowing for shared accountabilities over interdepartmental tasks.

Project management applications provide a centralized location for team communication, planning calendars, priority lists, digital assets, and budget monitoring.

This dramatically improves the productivity levels and efficiency of all connected parties and is a highly scalable solution depending on the needs of the organization.

Cloud adoption continues to play a crucial factor in the growth and sustainability of organizations in today’s digital landscape. While every organization’s needs are different, these five cloud solutions can help you maximize productivity levels and efficiency as you move towards your own business’s digital transformation.

Originally published Jan 04, 2020, updated Sep 10, 2021

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