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5 Business Publications You Need To Be Reading [Friday Five]


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Business Publications Magazines that cover business topics are critical to success nowadays. In a world filled with unlimited online content, it is imperative to stay up-to-date on business trends, entrepreneurial tools and new technologies that could help your business. Below is a list of publications that touch upon important issues in business and can help you thrive as an entrepreneur and businessperson.

1) Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur is a great resource for small business tips, motivational articles and success stories. What is great about Entrepreneur is the writing style, which gives you the facts without the fluff. Any kind of advice on starting a business, either online or brick and mortar, can be found in this publication. It is also a great resource to find entrepreneurial tools to help your business thrive. This is definitely one of the best publications for entrepreneurship out there.

2) Forbes

Everyone knows Forbes, but do you know just how many valuable business sections this publications has? From stock advice to education to tips for success this magazine has it all. It’s the perfect must-read for any businessperson. Best of all, it stays relevant by incorporating the latest business trends,  and talking about in-the-moment buzz. Do you know how to best recruit Millennials, or the benefits social selling can have on your business’ sales? With Forbes you are constantly learning about new trends in the industry and that is always helpful.

3) Inc. Magazine

Inc. delivers articles that are out of the box, inspirational and quirky. From tips on kick starting a sluggish morning to business travel hacks to deciding which VoIP provider is right for your business, there is something in Inc. for every business owner. Inc. covers virtually everything related to business, entrepreneurship, inspirational leaders, and much more. Even if you are just in the idea stage of starting a business, I highly recommend reading this publication for tips and tricks to get your business off the ground.

4) Fast Company 

Fast Company is a publication that is on the way to becoming just as distinguished as Forbes, and they are quickly becomming a leader in breaking news on both business and innovation. One thing that this publication does a great job of is give tips for managers of a remote workforce. Nowadays an average of 30-45% of a company’s workers are virtual employees, contractors, or long-term freelancers. Effectively managing these remote workers is a difficult task. Read Fast Company for in depth articles about modern day business problems and stay ahead of the game.

5) CIO

Out of all of the above publications , CIO is the most tech oriented, and you should have at least one tech-savvy magazine in your business read repertoire. Even if your business is not tech related, it still utilizes computers, cell phones and other technologies in some way or another. Staying on top of the latest tech updates is very important. CIO also features articles on social media and the latest mobile trends. Talk about a well-rounded magazine!

Is there a particular business magazine or online journal that you find helpful for your business? Please share it in the comments below, and we may just feature it in our next round-up.

Originally published Oct 10, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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