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5 Benefits of Synced Devices [Friday Five]


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sync devices The workplace of today is constantly changing. The traditional nine-to-five cubical workday is quickly transforming and expanding. This is especially true for the smaller to medium size business that require a nimble and flexible workforce.

If you have Apple devices syncing is extremely easy! Apple’s online-based iCloud service is available for free for all Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Apple TV users. Does your office and employees use Apple products? If so, are you leveraging the free iCloud service? Here are five reasons why your business should consider the benefits of synched devices.

1) No Longer Tied to the Office

There are benefits to keeping office work on office devices. However, more and more we are discovering a plethora of reasons why it might be time to allow your workforce to access documents, files, and social media networks outside the office walls. While your employees may work from a desktop during “regular business hours”, syncing can allow them to move from desktop – to smart phone – to tablet – to laptop with ease no matter where they’re working from. And now the RingCentral for Desktop app is available for Mac, so you can stay connect from anywhere!

2) Take a Break

By no means do we suggest you or your employees work twenty-four-seven. But, with the iCloud you can certainly allow yourself, and your office, to take more breaks, enjoy a longer vacation or work-from-home when necessary. So long as devices are synced anyone can work from almost anywhere. Shared documents, calendars, contacts and photos means working from the beach is possible.

3) It’s Easy

In today’s world it is much simpler to get things done while away from the office. iCloud Keychain allows for the back up and sync of bookmarks menu, reading lists and opened tab browser tabs. Synced email means it’s a breeze to read and answer emails from almost any device during the commute to and from work. In fact, the iCloud and syncing makes it extremely easy to access important work anytime. Consider how much more productive each day and employee could be simply by taking advantage of iCloud.

4) Increase Productivity When Traveling for Work

Conferences, face-to-face meetings, and traveling between multiple business locations is so much easier when you don’t have to be away from the office desktop for a majority of the day. If you and your team can’t get work done when traveling it can deter you from taking advantage of opportunities that would benefit your business. With the ability to sync devices your travelers won’t be “out-of-the-office” every time there’s a need to travel for work.

5) Boost Office Moral

Feeling chained to the office is no way to increase moral and productivity. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get out of your workforce simply by letting your employees work differently. Encouraging employees who wish to work outside office hours from their device you show a level of trust and appreciation. Giving people extra time out of the office, especially during the summer months when productivity dips, can help keep your office refreshed and encourage creativity. And, giving teams more opportunities to grow professionally through conferences, events, etc. can only benefit your businesses bottom line.

While it may feel scary, it’s time to consider how syncing devices could benefit your business. Does your organization leverage synced devices? We would love to hear about your successes, and hiccups, in the comments below.

Originally published Jul 10, 2015, updated Dec 30, 2022

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