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RingCentral's 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility report is here


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As a leading UCaaS provider, RingCentral takes connection seriously. It goes beyond connecting over our platform though. We’re making conscious efforts to connect with our communities as well.

RingCentral is proud to release our first-ever Social Impact Report. In this report, we cover at a high level what we accomplished in 2020 for our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals, and look at what we plan to accomplish in the future. 

RCause: How we made a difference in our communities in 2020

We sat down for a Q&A with RingCentral’s Senior Social Impact & Diversity Business Partner, Tu-Han Phan, to hear more. 

1. 2020 posed many unique challenges as we moved to an entirely virtual workplace. How has CSR at RingCentral shifted over the last year? 

Tu-Han: RingCentral was eager to do what we do best in a time our world needed it most: empower work from anywhere. 

RingCentral has historically supported businesses and organizations to take their work to the next level: to break through the confines of their office space! Upcycle and recycle your old PBX, be more sustainable by reducing travel, and move into the cloud with RingCentral. We were honored that our tools were able to serve in this unique time of need—a devastating global pandemic.

2. Looking back at 2020, what are some of the biggest achievements for RingCentral’s CSR and Diversity programs?

Tu-Han: This impact report says it all!

If I may, I’d love to take a huge step back and recognize that RCause was fully launched in 2019. Our accomplishments in 2020 speak volumes of our work and the trajectory we’re on. Given where we started, I’m especially proud to say RCause very much mimics our parent company: RingCentral. Rapid growth, relentless innovation, and purpose-driven.

3. As you look ahead to the coming year, what motivates you? What’s in store for 2021?

Tu-Han: We’re doing what we do best—working from anywhere. We’re preparing for a post-COVID world not where things go “back to normal,” but where we move forward.

In moving forward, we’re planning to launch a mobile communications center to provide catastrophe relief and communications solutions in senior citizen homes, tech desserts for remote learning, and connections in our communities that need it most. Stay tuned!

Originally published Apr 07, 2021, updated Nov 03, 2023

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