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User in Marketing and Advertising
Nov 29, 2016
Good Communication tool What do you like best? It keeps track of your calls and you can easily fax out What do you dislike? Call forwarding doesn't always work error free What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? Cold calling- it shows your calling history with date and time. Some clients still need to fax back contracts Ring Central fax out is great for this.
Deidre D.
Nov 28, 2016
The best system What do you like best? I love the reporting features, the user features (meetings, app for cell phone, etc). What do you dislike? I do wish there were alerts that could be set up. For instance, if voicemails aren't listened to within 24 hours, the admin would be notified. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? We have been able to identify how often certain individuals answer the phone in the operations center and the call volume peaks during the week/month/year.
Anthony Murray
Nov 28, 2016
Great service faxes always go through fine
Kris K.
Nov 28, 2016
Used services for years without any problems and have recommended it to many others. It is effective, efficient and affordable and allows me to focus on other priorities in my business.
Khoa Anh N.
Nov 28, 2016
Best phone service we ever have What do you like best? Cheap Automated phone assistant handles calls, sounds professional like in a big company. Can modify options with app Never down in 6 years What do you dislike? Nothin much. Ring central does what we want: answer calls and redirect them Recommendations to others considering the product There are many companies in the US offering this kind of service. I only know this one in Canada (at the time we signed up anyways). Have not look lately (price has not increased). What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? We used to have a phone line just to redirect calls and a fax line. Now we get both for cheaper than the single phone line
Chuck Lundy
Nov 27, 2016
The only thing missing was our voice/telephone channel integration. This integration sheds time off CSR response time. A+
Ronald Cunningham
Nov 22, 2016
Great tool for international and business calling I have this on my cell phones and desktop for calling. It works great
Julie Ferguson
Nov 22, 2016
We use RingCentral VOIP softphones throughout the office. No more telephone hardware. The app is user friendly and easy to set-up. Some of the features I love: labeling phone numbers so when calls come in we can quickly identify key clients, quick calling by highlighting a phone number on my screen and tapping F6, selecting other RingCentral users to add to a conference call, call forwarding to multiple softphones and cell phones, voicemail messages are sent to email, and the list goes on. I highly recommend!!
Jean Mote
Nov 21, 2016
We highly recommend RingCentral and do so often. We use the FAX service only, and we have been customers for a number of years. It’s a great service, reliable and reasonably priced. We have had few problems over the years, but any we’ve experienced have been resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. We like the monthly report we receive, the flexibility for adding or removing employees, and that fact that junk FAXes are blocked. Excellent service.
Morse Jarvis
Nov 19, 2016
Good for business In place or in the go, great way to manage phones.
RJ Boling
Nov 18, 2016
New user, just bought the product/nComments: This makes meetings super simple, and the one click outlook meeting button is a life saver. You can seamlessly switch between camera, to screen sharing, and presentations. Great tool.
Alicia Calano
Nov 18, 2016
RingCentral I love the app..i use it for work then i dont have to give out my personal number.. works great foe texting too
Todd Smith
Nov 18, 2016
Ring Central Meetings Work Well/nComments: I have used others meeting tools in the past including Join Me, Skype, Web-Ex and others. Ring Central is easy to use and audio is very good. It is my go to meeting source.
Amber Criswell
Nov 17, 2016
Transition to Ring Central/nComments: I was previously using a NES softphone system that continually dropped calls and had limited functionality. I have not encountered any issues since transitioning to Ring Central and the implementation was seamless. Excellent system!
Obinna Okechukwu
Nov 17, 2016
One great communications hub!/nComments: RingCentral has proved to be a vital tool in communicating with the people I need to connect with. Impressively, it has an above-average call quality and I like that I can setup my profile to meet my specific communication needs. Not sure what I would do if I had to stop using RingCentral!
Scott Cipolla
Nov 17, 2016
Improved Tremendously/nComments: Last year at this time I was searching for a new telephony company because our office was done with RingCentral. A year later things have really turned around! The service is good and the features are great - I especially like how our employees, wherever they are in the world, can retrieve their messages through the website! As the office admin I feel in control of the system and able to do great things with it. Pros: The website interface! So easy! Cons: The VoIP connection is sometimes very bad. We do use a lot of bandwidth in our office though.
Angie Charette
Nov 17, 2016
Ring Central Meetings are great./nComments: I am a new user of Ring Central. I have found Ring Central very user friendly and am very happy my company has adopted its use.
sarah Freeman
Nov 17, 2016
easy to use/nComments: I don't really have to think about it - I just use it. Everything is intuitive and I can usually figure it out myself.
Brad Dial
Nov 17, 2016
RingCentral - easy to use with lots of features/nComments: RingCentral has been a very easy transition from our previous software. The product is very lightweight on system resources, layout is easy to use, and the quality is great. It is also extremely helpful that it works anywhere that has wifi!
Chenita Pettis
Nov 16, 2016
Great meeting/ VOIP solution/nComments: This system combines so many useful & convenient features (calendar integration, customized call forwarding, meetings, etc.). The mobile application even allows me to be reached by my clients without having to be tethered to my desk.
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