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Raquel Cisneros
Sep 22, 2016
Great, no problems encountered as of yet. I've been using RingCentral for 1yr now.
Robert Noll
Sep 21, 2016
Have had a great experience using ring central. Whatever I have faxed they have done their part absolutely flawlessly.
Peggy Winslow
Sep 21, 2016
Monique Verreault
Sep 21, 2016
I use the program without any problems and I like to receive a confirmation
Lokan Sundaram
Sep 21, 2016
On time delivery my message
Laurie Elledge
Sep 21, 2016
Very reliable and easy to use
Melanie Bell-Fournier
Sep 21, 2016
I really enjoy the freedom ring central gives me to work while on the go!
mace terburg
Sep 20, 2016
Real nice
Ben Hyde
Sep 20, 2016
All good…
Kelly Lape
Sep 16, 2016
I love the service but I hardly use it. I have for convenience without having to hunt down a fax machine. Do you have a sporadic use program, such as limiting the number of faxes per month? Thanks for your services!
Sep 16, 2016
This works perfectly…no complaints!! 🙂
John Yarrien
Sep 15, 2016
I love your service and I think that is great value for the dollar. It allows my customers in Toronto to talk to me in remote Ontario.
Linda Le
Sep 15, 2016
I like their flexible plans. I don’t use fax alot and they were able to find me something within my price range.
Sep 15, 2016
They have been courteous and attentive to our needs!!
lou fives
Sep 15, 2016
love it
Lesa Cox
Sep 15, 2016
Excellent and reliable service!!
Las Vegas Landlord
Sep 15, 2016
Great product, service and tools.
Sep 12, 2016
In love with RC
Jeremy Taylor
Sep 12, 2016
Great service. I have yet to experience an outage in 5 years.
Jacey R.
Sep 05, 2016
They activated my service in less than 5 hours, in the peak of our business day, without any setup costs! We had no downtime during the number porting process which was wonderful! During the setup process, I called Ringcentral quite a few times, in order to gain more information about them, and every time there was someone to attend me and answer all my questions promptly. The level of service is the highest! Thank you, guys!
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