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Tecta America Improves Customer and Company Communications with RingCentral


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tecta america We are pleased to announce that Tecta America has integrated RingCentral’s phone system into its business.

Tecta America is a national company with over 2500 employees. As the premier roofing contractor in the United States their offerings include installation, repair, emergency damage response, sustainability options and more. With operations from coast to coast, it was essential that Tecta America had a way to seamlessly and efficiently connect both its customers and employees.

By switching to RingCentral, Tecta America is enabling its 50+ nationwide locations with a flexible, reliable communications system for its customers and staff.

“Our previous phone system based on an MPLS network was expensive, difficult to use, had limited mobility, and in some areas was unreliable,” said William Lang, Director of Information Technology at Tecta America. “RingCentral’s communications solution is not only easy to use, it is also infrastructure agnostic which allows us to deploy RingCentral anyway we choose.”

As Tecta America grows, RingCentral’s system will easily scale to accommodate their needs.  Setting up a new Tecta America location is simple and gives employees the freedom to choose between a desk phone, a soft phone, or the RingCentral mobile app for their communications needs.

RingCentral’s user friendly features allow employees to manage settings and make changes without assistance from the IT department. Employees who beta tested RingCentral were pleased to have a system that increases productivity and helps them manage their business better.

Mobility is an essential part of Tecta America’s technology roadmap.  The RingCentral Mobile App enables employees to stay connected to colleagues and customers regardless of their location.  “RingCentral is helping Tecta America change the way we do business.  RingCentral is thinking ahead in terms of what they want to bring to their customers,” says Lang.  “With consistent feature and product updates, I know that our voices are being heard by the RingCentral team. I am looking forward to seeing which developments coming down the road will benefit Tecta America.”

Originally published Apr 21, 2015, updated Sep 17, 2021

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