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3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business Communications


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Effective business communications improves productivity

Springtime has arrived, but your home isn’t the only thing that needs some sprucing up. Both small businesses and large enterprises alike should use this season to examine their current business communications solutions and determine what they may need to do to improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on spring cleaning your business communications.

Select one video and audio conferencing solution best suited for your teams’ needs

Up to 90 percent of human communication relies on non-verbal cues. Virtual conferencing, specifically video, ensures these important indicators don’t fall through the cracks. Enterprises use online meetings to help remote employees develop a better sense of camaraderie, to inspire more effective teamwork, and also to deliver stronger engagement with customers and partners.

But often employees in different offices or departments use web meeting solutions that haven’t been vetted or provided by their employers. Conduct an audit to discover which virtual conferencing solutions are in use as well as why and how employees use them. Based on this analysis, standardize on a single solution that best meets your business needs.

Cut down on distractions with team messaging

A recent workplace communications survey we conducted with CITE Research revealed that workers find team messaging to be the least disruptive communications solution to their workday. Every organization is different, but based on these findings, it is worth evaluating the productivity gains team messaging can offer your company. Have your business chats in apps like Glip, which are a great way to centralize discussions and cut down on endless streams of email.

Enable a seamless experience across communications and collaboration apps

In the age of the cloud, the traditional boundaries between communications and collaboration applications can cause friction. Employees, customers, and partners today have many different ways to communicate and collaborate, including voice, video, team messaging, and more.

But to be truly powerful, all of these methods must be unified, allowing users to quickly and easily switch between devices and modes.

Learn more about how RingCentral can help you spring clean your business communications.


Originally published May 15, 2018, updated Feb 22, 2021

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