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Talent Acquisition triumphs

SVP Talent Acquisition Alvin Lam and his team named as Finalists at the 2022 HRO Today Talent Acquisition awards


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  • HRO Today is the premier global network and content community for the human resources profession
  • The HRO Today Awards honor the most innovative companies and industry professionals in HR.

In today’s tight talent market, Talent Acquisition (TA) organizations in every industry have to step up their collective game to incredible new levels — especially in the tech industry. HRO Today‘s Talent Acquisition Leader and Team of the Year Awards recognize the best of the best for their innovation and excellence in talent acquisition. We’re very proud to announce our SVP of Talent Acquisition Alvin Lam has been named a Finalist for Leader of the Year, and the TA Team has been named a Finalist for Team of the Year.

Alvin Lam, SVP of Talent

Mission-driven. Success-oriented.

“Communications, simplified” is RingCentral’s mission…but bringing that mission to life is anything but simple. RingCentral’s culture is one of our greatest competitive advantages. A unique combination of talent, resources and ideas that’s incredibly conducive to innovation and growth.  It’s simple — great people want to work for a great company.  But how do you grow at hyperspeed without sacrificing that culture? Well, you start by asking Alvin and the Talent Acquisition team. “It’s it’s a great honor to win an award from an industry leader like HRO Today,” says Lam,  “but the truth is, Talent Acquisition is a team sport, so the fact that the entire team has been honored as the Best TA Team of the Year – that’s what makes me really proud.”

Don’t hire robots. Hire with robots.

There’s no other way to say it: RingCentral’s TA team crushed it in 2021—hiring more than 3,600 people to bring our total employee population to over 9,000. A big part of that was the TA team’s efforts to streamline the hiring process, reducing time-to-fill by over 35%.  But a jump in headcount just has to lead to a drop in quality, right? Wrong.  Alvin and the TA team added state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to the hiring process, and found that the team not only sourced better-qualified applicants but raised the overall quality of the applicant pool. Even better, diverse hires led the way with a 5% increase year-over-year.

Stack the hardware

A great culture is also a great selling point. But it takes work to take home the trophies, and the TA team was up to the task – winning 30+ “Best Place to Work” -awards in 2021, including a #1 ranking as Best Company for Diversity (Comparably), a Great Places to Work award for Greater China and a global Best Places to Work award from Glassdoor.  

Employee engagement, as assessed by Medallia, was at an all-time high in 2021 and employee retention held firm even during the Great Resignation due to high employee morale and a reputation for a great company work culture. Strengthening our culture while growing the company 30% is an incredible feat. We’re proud of Alvin and the TA team — making  HRO’s Finalists list is a real honor. We just can’t say we’re surprised. 

Originally published May 12, 2022, updated May 13, 2022

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