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How this app keeps StackCommerce’s team working + surfing


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Trusted by companies you know and love (like Hulu, Bark Box, Adobe), StackCommerce is a growing startup that helps brands make money from native content.

Based in sunny Venice, California, the team features 10 teams, five office dogs, and of course, eight surfboards. Ah, California.

We chatted with a few folks from the StackCommerce team about how they keep the office running smoothly while on the go and catching waves.

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RingCentral for… customer experience

Like any startup, StackCommerce has employees who work remotely—and they use RingCentral to keep in touch. For example, through video conferencing:

Video conferencing through RingCentral app


“I just pull up the app and I can connect with my team without any interruptions,” says Kendra, Assistant Manager of Customer Experience. “With other providers, we’ve had dropped calls, but I’ve never had an issue with RingCentral.”


RingCentral for… biz dev

Then there’s Brian, one of StackCommerce’s managers of business development. Because he works in biz dev, Brian and his team are expected to be available for their customers, publishers, vendors, and advertisers pretty much around the clock.

“Having a reliable service like RingCentral is the key to making that happen,” says Brian. “Because who wants to have a dropped call when you’re talking with someone across the country?”

(After surveying everyone in our team, the most popular answer was “nobody.”)

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RingCentral for… getting out of the office 

As a relatively young company that’s technically still considered a startup, budget is important. “That’s why we love using RingCentral for our phone services,” says Evans, StackCommerce’s Office and Culture Coordinator. 

“The cost is reasonable and the service is incredible. I’m able to check voicemails on my phone, and whenever I’m out and about doing errands, I just check my app—I never feel disconnected.”

RingCentral mobile app

RingCentral lets you keep up with your team, make phone calls, and even video-call people on your mobile app from pretty much anywhere.


Thanks for chatting with us, StackCommerce!

Originally published Mar 01, 2020, updated Jul 21, 2021

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