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Customer engagement is all about charting your buyer’s journey and interactions that happen across multiple touchpoints of the customer relationship. Possessing an extensive perception of customer behavior can improve your business and grow customer loyalty.

Co-browsing is a solution and one of the most sophisticated tools for delivering better customer experience. It is changing the way businesses communicate and could become an essential solution for providing real-time assistance.

In this article, we breakdown what co-browsing is, how it can benefit your business, and how to empower your agents in their work daily.

What is Co-browsing?

Collaborative browsing or co-browsing is a solution that enables customer support agents to collaborate with a customer’s browser in real-time. The agent can view to identify the issue and jointly navigate over the customer’s screen to guide interactively for sales or customer support assistance. Meaning increased productivity by avoiding a lengthy discussion just to identify the problem or trying to navigate a visitor through the web page.

Co-browsing is used to engage with customers interactively and give them an in-person experience during the entire process. It empowers your agents to consult customers’ screens in real-time and guide them through complex transactions, procedures, forms, demos. 

Get on the same page as your customers

There are subtle differences between co-browsing and screen-sharing, another application that enables the sharing of a screen. The key feature that separates them is the interactive possibility with co-browsing and how this defining feature can improve the experience for the customer.  Agents can provide personalized help to customers, which adds a human touch, creating distinction. Engaging visually at the same time without the need for them to install software is a bonus, reduces friction, and leaves room for an upsell opportunity.

Customers keep control of their screen while the agent has the possibility to write and click on the screen if allowed, permitting them to highlight critical areas, thus potentially increasing the first-contact resolution rate. No matter the device, access to your website to fill in forms or complete tasks are simplified. Co-Browsing can also be an added feature alongside a live-chat solution.

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Safe and secure features for everyone

Co-browsing software is secure and can accelerate growth and efficiency. Co-browsing helps the customers to complete the most complex processes such as application completion, submission, booking, package selection, and more. It could easily be used to guide customers to upload documents and answer their questions instantaneously.

The solution is launched in one click, and visitor approval is required with the possibility to stop it at any time, giving the customer complete control of the situation. It is compatible with all browsers, no installation required, and less chance of being compromised. Co-browsing is also enhanced with secured field masking, meaning customers can enter sensitive information without the agent seeing the characters that are registered.


Make your sales even easier

Get on the same page as your customers and reduce the need for multiple questions by simplifying the process of engagement. Assist your prospects and customers during their shopping and co-browse to highlight a specific part of the screen where customers can find valuable information. Empowering agents to see and guide customers in solving problems quickly leads to 396% ROI within 6 months.

Co-browsing is a secure operation that allows the customer to approve and stop the session anytime. It is also easy to commence a session with an agent on the customer side – with just a checkbox to tick. Plus, they have nothing to install and can allow agents to scroll through the required page to aid them with their queries or complete difficult actions.

Effective and helpful use cases

To help you better understand the benefits, let’s focus on 3 examples in different industries :



Improving the customer experience by assisting customers through complicated processes, co-browsing ensures increased efficiency. By using a digital interaction platform that can accommodate the growth of channels including live-chat, companies can add co-browsing as an add on, meaning that improving both resolution time and increasing engagement has never been simpler. 

Maintaining channels easier within your team reduces friction. This is beneficial for companies who want to upskill employees with digital tools and stay a step ahead of competitors who have yet to undergo significant digital transformation.

Consider the integration today with RingCentral Engage Digital by chatting with an expert.

Originally published Apr 01, 2020, updated Jan 18, 2022

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