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RingCentral Makes Fast Company’s Fifth Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators


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Today, Fast Company, in collaboration with Accenture, announced its 2023 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators list and recognized RingCentral among its winners. As Chief Innovation Officer for RingCentral, I feel honored that our culture of supporting innovators has earned this industry recognition. Hallmarked by our core values of inclusive collaboration and creative brainstorming, innovation is central to everything that we do at RingCentral. Now, with AI-powered technology fueling our future, many of our current innovations involve harnessing the power of AI to benefit communication and collaboration amid today’s hybrid workforce. 

Among our latest innovations are RingSense, our next-generation AI platform that brings the power of conversation intelligence to business communications and collaboration. Leveraging generative AI, RingSense enables organizations to turn their conversation data into powerful insights that will unlock productivity and drive business outcomes. RingSense for Sales, the first offering in the RingSense AI portfolio, analyzes interactions among salespeople and their prospects to surface key insights and performance measures, helping them to increase their sales efficiency. It provides sales leaders with insights to help them better train, mentor, and drive their teams to greater levels of success. Other innovations include AI-based Advanced Meeting Insights and Summaries, which capture a distillation of key moments within a meeting and automatically generate a written summary as well as a video highlight reel. Meetings participants can pay better attention and engage more in meetings with the note-taking and meeting record functions outsourced in this way. And, if employees need to miss a meeting, this feature makes it faster and easier for them to catch up on what transpired. 

When we expand our technology offerings like this, we are ever-mindful of protecting accessibility and privacy, too. With our suite of tools and product features, like screen-reader, closed-captioning, active speaker highlights, and more, we aim to ensure that everyone can participate on a level playing field – and a secure one. End-to-end encryption for messaging, video, and phone allow for ideas to be shared privately and securely. 

Our innovative ideas and technology are a reflection of the culture we’ve built and continue to nurture – one that recognizes the vast value of diversity alongside the increased needs of a distributed, hybrid workforce to stay connected and collaborative beyond legacy brick-and-mortar shops. Empowering and encouraging our innovators to think creatively, innovate intentionally, and collaborate as one is at the cornerstone of how we thrive as a global community of employees located in 17 countries and spanning many international time zones. 

Through RingCentral Ventures, we also empower and encourage innovators outside of RingCentral. Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups is a key part of how we innovate. By providing funding and resources to startups developing cutting-edge technologies that align with RingCentral’s strategic goals, we’ve invested in several key partners that we believe will continue making impactful strides in the business communication and customer experience space. These partnerships are another way in which RingCentral remains at the forefront of technological advancements while helping to drive future growth and competitiveness.

RingCentral’s innovations will continue to simplify communications. With over 200+ product enhancements and new feature releases, we are making our RingCentral MVP platform simpler and more powerful every day. I feel honored that Fast Company and Accenture have recognized RingCentral as among the 2023 Best Workplaces for Innovators and aim for the same level of success in innovation for many years to come.

Originally published Jul 11, 2023

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