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RingCentral IGNITE! The Next Evolution of our Partner Program


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Adapt, evolve, improve. 

I hear these tenets a lot lately, especially in the face of tremendous challenges. But building for the future has always been a constant and dynamic process.

Which is why today, I am happy to announce a big step forward with the next evolution in RingCentral’s Partner Program: RingCentral IGNITE!

RingCentral IGNITE! empowers qualified partners to take charge of and fully control the entire sales process – including quoting, closing, upsell and cross-sell opportunities – for any deal with fewer than 400 employees. 

The key here is choice. For the first time, RingCentral partners can now decide – for each individual deal – whether to utilize the resources available to them through Channel HarmonyTM, or streamline the process with RingCentral IGNITE!

Rather than a replacement, RingCentral IGNITE! serves as another arrow in the quiver, an optional complement to Channel Harmony for partners looking for more ownership over the sales process. This allows them the flexibility to choose their level of engagement for each deal, entrusting proactive partners to do what they do best while remaining available as a resource should they need help.

To qualify for RingCentral IGNITE!, a partner simply needs to demonstrate their proficiency and familiarity with our products and processes. While this does require an additional certification, rest assured that our Partner Team will continue to provide the full resources we’ve always used to support our partner network.

Plus, those who do go the extra mile with RingCentral IGNITE! will earn an extra 1/2x MRR on all new deals closed through the IGNITE! Program any time this year.

When it comes down to it, improvement starts with a willingness to listen. When we welcome feedback and constructive criticism, we take the first steps toward honest self-evaluation.

RingCentral IGNITE! was born out of feedback from our partners, many of whom sought a more expedited process in handling deals they had full confidence in. As the first major evolution to our Partner Program in several years, this pivot represents a commitment to continuing to find ways to better approach and engage with the partner community.

By empowering partners to respond to and help customers faster, potentially in times of crisis, we can do our part to keep people connected when they need it the most, now or in the future.

If you’re a RingCentral partner looking to learn more, please visit our RingCentral IGNITE! resources in the Partner Portal.

Originally published Jun 02, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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