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RingCentral helps this executive search firm deliver great service—and boost its bottom line


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In the world of executive recruiting, Eva Chiu is a superstar—literally. As an account manager and then executive recruiter for one of the nation’s top staffing firms, Eva earned the “Superstar” designation for top performers nearly every year from 2003 through 2010.

Eva knows how to successfully navigate the tricky business of finding just the right talent for her clients and the ideal jobs for her candidates. And she knows that speed, responsiveness, and great communication are must-have ingredients for success in the recruiting business.

So it’s worth noting that when Eva launched her own executive search firm, Vertical Careers, she chose the RingCentral cloud-based business phone solution.

Here’s why Eva selected RingCentral—and why seven years later her firm still uses it to stay in constant communication with clients and candidates.

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Big-company phone features for a small business

“I work out of my home office,” Eva explains, “and I have a couple of consultants that work out of their home offices as well.”

“We’re a small business and being able to work out of my home with a professional voice and answering service and the ability to actually synchronize all calls across the board with our consultants… that has helped tremendously.”

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Communicating with candidates in the ways they prefer

“Another feature I really, really, really enjoy having is texting through our [RingCentral] phone numbers and tying it back to my direct line,” she adds. “It really helps with the millennial in terms of recruiting in the digital age.”

“RingCentral texting allows us to get to the candidate quicker, offer faster responses, to be able to make those placements.”

Without the ability to send a text to a candidate about a job opening, Eva or one of her consultants would have to leave a voicemail and then wait for a response. “Nobody listens to voicemails anymore,” she says.

Because RingCentral allows them to send a text from their business number using any phone or computer, Eva’s team can quickly contact a candidate as soon as an opportunity presents itself, no matter where they are, and ask whether a candidate is interested in an opportunity. If not, this lets the team move much faster onto the next candidate.

“These are just some of the ways RingCentral has really improved our productivity,” Eva says, adding that the system allows her to “focus on what matters most: increasing sales and adding to the bottom line.”


Originally published Nov 14, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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