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RingCentral Delivers a User-Friendly and Flexible Cloud Phone Solution for SelfBuild Ireland


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selfbuildmagSelfBuild Ireland is a rapidly growing family run company, specialising in the self-build trade. Its quarterly magazine, SelfBuild and Improve, features articles on practical aspects of design and construction. The company’s website,, provides self-build and home improvement enthusiasts with advice, videos on “how to” and practical case studies, news and a listing of services that would be useful when self-building or renovating a home.

When the National Trust, decided to establish a fibre connection in the area, the company decided to piggyback back and have it extended to their premises. This is when SelfBuild decided it was time to “self-build their communications” and the company actively started to look at alternatives to their existing BT switchboard system.

Brian Corry, Sales Director at SelfBuild Ireland says:” We were always locked in with the BT phone system, this meant locked into maintenance contracts which were not flexible at all, and we did not want to install another hardware system. We actively wanted to move into the cloud, and have a service that would grow with our business.”

“We did research into various suppliers and RingCentral came out as the most reliable in terms of service, infrastructure and back-up.  Our phones are critical to our business, if our phones don’t work then 90% of the office can’t do any work. We got several quotes from suppliers, but we chose RingCentral because we were impressed by how user-friendly and how flexible the system is in allowing SelfBuild to programme its use to our desired requirements,” said Brian Corry.

Today, the system allows SelfBuild to answer, screen, and forward calls with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. In addition, the company uses an international calling package as the firm does two thirds of its business in the Republic of Ireland.

Brian Corry says: “With RingCentral we can add a new line on a whim. The system is also very flexible if you have people in different locations, as we often do because of events. For example, one of sales people was looking to relocate to England and wanted to continue to work for us. With the RingCentral system she has successfully worked with us for a year from Telford. It doesn’t matter where you are physically located; she is on the same phone system.”

For SelfBuild the single biggest benefit for the business is that RingCentral’s advanced technology delivers a much more lightweight and flexible system, which addresses the business needs. The high reliability of the system helps the business deliver a seamless and integrated service, as calls are routed without customer’s noticing. “The service is a valuable extension to our business, because we are office based, it is useful to be able to use the RingCentral app at events, divert calls to our mobiles or use the RingCentral fax app, so we don’t have to have a physical fax machine plugged in and can access fax communications on the move. It’s a much more modern and flexible system better suited to our business.”

As the business continues to flourish and grow, SelfBuild relies on the flexibility and scalability RingCentral provides, with the business having the ability to self-provision additional service as and when needed. In the immediate future, SelfBuild will enhance its RingCentral functionality even further by looking to integrate RingCentral into SelfBuild’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. As Brian says: “Already we can use the desktop app on the computer and click and dial, and having the ability to have customer details pop up when a customer calls will really help staff.  Using RingCentral’s business communication system with an API will allow us to develop this functionality very soon.”

Originally published Sep 01, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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