Cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions offer employers more than a platform for connecting employees, partners, and customers—they generate significant business value, as revealed by RingCentral’s recent Customer Success Metrics Survey.

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Driving business value

The survey results from more than 400 RingCentral customers found that deploying our cloud communications—all-in-one messaging, video, phone—and contact center solutions yields critical improvements both within the workforce as well as for customers. This is due to an improved ability to streamline workflows, increase the efficiency of meetings, and other productivity benefits, ultimately driving business value.

Jocelyn Vallieres, RingCentral’s Senior Director of Customer Value Acceleration, said:

Our customers have confirmed that the business value generated via cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions is significantly higher than just cost savings.

Top benefits cited by RingCentral customers

Deploying RingCentral yields an average 47% return on investment within 11 months, our customers found. But while reducing the cost and management burden of maintaining legacy, on-premises systems may be a top-of-mind benefit for those considering transitioning to the cloud, survey respondents also reported advantages across other key business metrics including increased customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and faster integration.

RingCentral Customer Success Metrics Survey

Executive and decision-making individuals

These results were compiled based on the responses of more than 400 randomly selected customers across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Working in executive and decision-making roles, these individuals are well positioned to speak to both their organization’s strategies around deploying unified communications as well as to the business impacts RingCentral has had on their operations.

Measurable improvements

Starting from the time of deployment, our customers reported measurable improvements in all aspects of how they manage and use communications tools:

  • reduced IT and hardware spending
  • fewer in-person meetings
  • improved mobility for remote workers
  • other significant productivity benefits

These improvements have served our customers well amidst the current global health crisis and will also help prepare their organizations for the ongoing evolution to a hybrid workforce.

George Dramalis, Chief Information Officer, C&S Wholesale Grocers, said:

We are always looking for ways to improve our solutions to enable more productivity and support our future growth needs around mobility, as well as integration of our other business applications.

George Dramalis continued: “We needed a unified solution that included messaging, calling, video meetings, conferencing, and contact center. RingCentral enabled us to drive more alignment as their cloud solution was the most comprehensive.”

An opportunity for business transformation

Companies of all sizes have achieved value in deploying cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions from RingCentral. “Implementing a modern cloud communications platform is about more than just an infrastructure or provisioning change,” said Vallieres. “It’s an opportunity to transform the business and accelerate business value in ways that may be unexpected.”

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For example, for Wyndham Capital Mortgage, their on-premises phone system didn’t support the fast-growing company’s needs as it looked to expand. Matthew Lehnen, Wyndham’s Vice President of IT, states:

RingCentral covered everything we needed in a phone system, plus it comes with faxing, video meetings, and team messaging at no additional cost.

“But most importantly, after hooking up a new office to the internet, we can (now) set up new users in minutes,” Lehnen added.

A closer look at the RingCentral advantage

With results that encompass 16 key business metrics, there’s much more to unpack from our customer success survey. In this #CustomerSuccess blog series, we’ll take a closer look at the results and explore some of the specific improvements seen across key business segments and within industry vertical markets.

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