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RingCentral Contact Center Release 22.2: Six innovations to delight your customers


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Customers today have a lot of choices for just about anything they want to buy or any service they want to use. And with so much to choose from, it’s no wonder folks aren’t just looking for the best price anymore; they’re prioritizing the best customer experience.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to delight your customers at every turn. Luckily, RingCentral continues to innovate and add new features to help you do just that. Here are the latest big leaps in our RingCentral Contact Center software:

Delight customers with AI-driven self service

Customers now prefer to try to handle problems themselves first. According to a Harvard Business review study,  81% of contact center users like to begin with digital customer interactions before switching to other channels (e.g., contacting a live agent). So, it’s critical for companies to provide self-service tools like chatbots and intelligent virtual agents.

1. Bot Builder

UI shot of the BotBuilder

Our Bot Builder lets you create and deploy your own omnichannel “smart” bot without coding. These bots can answer simple customer inquiries fast, and handle routine tasks like resetting customer passwords. 

This frees up your agents to handle more complex and value-added matters. You can also fine-tune these bots to recognize industry terms and company-specific formats. Bot Builder enables you to offer digital-self service in a simple and cost-effective manner, thereby saving you time and money.

2. Guide

UI of RingCentral Guide

RingCentral’s Guide is a proactive pop-up tool that provides contextual self-service—in the form of links, live chat, virtual assistants, and knowledge banks along a customer’s journey. It is specifically tailored for web and mobile experiences and provides the customer success resources needed to solve issues digitally—without the need to speak to an agent.

Guide helps customers get what they need easily, which improves loyalty. With it, agents can also see a customer’s journey and jump in, if needed, to take proactive steps to solve issues.

Guide delivers the right information to your customers at the right time, increasing conversions. In fact, with this tool, companies see a 700% ROI.

3. SmartAssist

UI of RingCentral Smart Assist

SmartAssist is an intelligent virtual agent available to customers 24/7. It recognizes natural language, sentiment, and context, so it can accurately answer many CX questions and limit call escalation. For very complex problems, it can transfer the issue to a live agent with full context.

SmartAssist can also handle context-switching and is integrated with more than 50 back-end systems, so it can easily find information and provide customers with answers.

SmartAssist can also take care of many customer questions at once, so it decreases staffing and operational costs, and increases first contact resolution (FCR) by 20%.

Empower agents and increase agility

Agent burnout and high turnover make it difficult for contact centers to provide a consistent, high-quality support experience. This release provides additional tools that help agents resolve customer issues smoothly, so agents are more likely to enjoy their work and stay with you. 

4. Quality Management Premium

Screenshot of Quality Management Premium UI

Quality Management Premium (QM-P)builds on Quality Management Advanced (QM-A) to unlock the usage of Agent CSAT Behaviors that enable supervisors to recognize trends, customize coaching and improve quality within the contact center workforce.

QM-P enables access to Auto Response in Form Designer, sampling Agent Behaviors in Quality Planner, and Agent Behaviors Insights Reports.

5. Ad-hoc Quality Management

Ad-hoc Quality Management UI

Ad-hoc Quality Management makes it possible to evaluate interactions and workflows beyond the contact center, such as within Billing or Order Management, without recorded interactions — from within a single Quality Management platform. This eliminates the need for 3rd parties, spreadsheets, or guesswork.   

This new feature results in reduced operational costs and improved employee visibility by consolidating business processes for Quality Management.

6. Attribute routing

Diagram of attribute routing process

In addition to skill and proficiency, up to 100 attributes can be assigned to an agent and used in routing decisions. Attributes add an additional level of precision when determining the best available agent. Languages, location, and other properties can be incorporated without complex configuration.

Attribute Routing ensures each interaction will quickly be handled by the most capable agent, thus maximizing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The best is yet to come

While our latest release adds multiple features to enhance customer satisfaction, increase agility and boost productivity, we won’t stop here. Our products will keep evolving to empower support teams with the features, integrations, tools, and software they need to elevate the overall contact center experience.

Read our release notes to learn more. To learn more about RingCentral Contact Center, request a demo.

Originally published Jul 25, 2022, updated Nov 08, 2022

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