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RingCentral’s Code Together 2021 winners announced: Award-winning partnerships driving customer value

RingCentral's 2021 Code Together Winners


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The ability to easily connect with teammates from anywhere, on any device. Seamless customer experiences. There are countless ways deploying all-in-one cloud-based communications can drive critical improvements and overall value—and at our annual RingCentral Connect and Code Together Conference, we explored all that’s new in the world of business communications to help organizations meet the needs of their evolving workforces. We also gave developers new insights and practical tools for transforming their unique organizations.

RingCentral customers may already be familiar with the various APIs we offer for our open platform, which allows organizations to build and integrate their own custom workflows and get more out of their RingCentral solution. With our award-winning APIs, SDKs, and widgets, RingCentral customers reap the benefits of having access to amazing custom integrations and automations that improve productivity, expand access to information, and help users accomplish more with the app.

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RingCentral’s Code Together 2021 winners

At Code Together, we brought developers together to learn more about the RingCentral API, along with exploring use cases and exciting innovations from our customers and ISV partners.

RingCentral also took the opportunity to recognize some of the most cutting-edge and impactful integrations to come out of our developer community over the last year. Here are the winners of our 2021 Code Together awards.

Innovator of the Year: ChronicCareIQ

The explosion of telemedicine during the pandemic has improved access to care and provided other benefits, but it’s also introduced new complexities for providers. For example, while phone conversations with patients, their caregivers, their pharmacies, and other care providers count towards CCM and RPM reimbursements, they carry additional documentation requirements.

Our Innovator of the Year, ChronicCareIQ, streamlines administration and helps providers prevent revenue leakage by automatically tracking and documenting phone time with enrolled patients and their caregivers, and submitting it for reimbursement.

Not only does this innovation help turn losses into revenue but it also enables providers to focus their attention on delivering value-based care, increasing engagement with at-risk patients, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Together app: Keeper.AI

More time spent working away from the office doesn’t lessen the need for teammates to share strong camaraderie and connection. But without explicit attention and the right tools, this interpersonal engagement can be difficult to grow and maintain.

Keeper.AI’s chatbot helps colleagues share more of the person behind the screen via an image gallery that makes it fun and simple to build and share personality and interest profiles.

Keeper.AI provides objective science-based behavioral and personality insights, helping colleagues learn what makes each other tick. This in turn helps to build better team culture and gain a competitive advantage by creating meaningful, authentic connections faster for users both within and outside of their organization.

ISV Partner of the Year: Zoho

Our #1 third-party-built integration by usage and revenue, Zoho brings together call management and CRM capabilities for better phone-based customer interactions for everyone.

There are no installations or tedious configurations required—Zoho lets users connect with their RingCentral credentials (a Zoho CRM Standard or Professional or Enterprise Edition account is required) and then launch calls from their CRM with a single click. Users have access to tools such as screen pops with customer information, automatic call logging, and more that help call agents be more productive and deliver richer customer interactions, every time.

App of the Year: Chili Piper

Scheduling meetings still isn’t as seamless as it could be due to the need to cross-populate details across calendars and scheduling apps. Our App of the Year, Chili Piper, is helping to close these existing gaps by dynamically creating a RingCentral Video meeting whenever a new meeting is booked. The Chili Piper app adds meetings to the RingCentral dashboard and keeps entries updated when meetings are canceled, rescheduled, or reassigned.

Game Changer of the Year: Eric Mann

Each year, we recognize an individual who helps to empower and inspire other developers to take RingCentral to the next level with their own custom integrations. This year’s Game Changer of the Year is Eric Mann, one of the top influencers in our RingCentral developer community.

Eric is one of the most active developers of our innovative members, going above and beyond to share his knowledge and expertise. He’s a frequent author of blogs and tutorials and a regular speaker who is helping to transform cloud communications by sharing everything he knows to help others grow their knowledge on RingCentral and beyond.


Here at RingCentral, we’re relentlessly focused on bringing customers the tools they need to make connecting in this evolving world of work simpler and more productive. But we can’t do it alone.

Our developer community plays an essential role in helping everyone do more on the RingCentral open platform. We’re excited to recognize these innovators—and even more excited to continue to partner with companies and individuals who are delivering on the needs of the workforce of the future. Learn more about our game changers program and our partner integrations on our app gallery.

Originally published Nov 09, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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