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How to manage a business phone system


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“We don’t have anyone in our office who knows how to manage a business phone system.” 

In our experience working with thousands of small businesses over the years, that’s one of the most common concerns we hear. Our answer is always the same: Managing your company’s RingCentral system doesn’t require any technical experience. 

But don’t take our word for it. Natalie Russell, Operations Manager for Florida-based Wagner Realty, has experienced firsthand just how easy it is to administer the RingCentral cloud phone system for her staff of more than 200 real estate agents distributed across several Florida counties.

“Now that we have RingCentral, the administrative work is easier than it’s ever been for our firm,” she says. “I can manage the whole system from my cell phone.” 

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RingCentral’s support and how-to resources make self-management easy

In fact, as Wagner Realty’s administrator for RingCentral, Natalie has been making the most of The RingCentral Advantage since she signed the company up for the cloud phone solution. For example:

See Wagner Realty’s story

How to make and manage a phone system — it’s easy with The RingCentral Advantage

 With RingCentral, you’ll always have access to both self-guided resources and our expert support team—to help make sure your team is getting the most from your RingCentral phone system. That’s The RingCentral Advantage, and it includes:

Learn more about the RingCentral Advantage

Originally published Mar 01, 2021, updated Jan 30, 2023

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