kid-6420-travelers-blog-image Speed and flexibility are two of the things Travelers Haven values the most in the communication and collaboration capabilities offered by RingCentral.

Travelers Haven is in the corporate housing business, an industry that often revolves around responding to immediate demands. For instance, a client may need temporary living quarters for a software developer flown in to rescue a struggling project or a medical specialist brought in to fill a critical hospital staff shortage.

The faster Travelers Haven responds to a request for housing, the more likely it is to win the deal. In fact, the entire process tends to happen quickly. A lease may be audited, signed, and overnighted with a check. Furniture might be delivered by 11 a.m., with basic utilities, cable, and internet turned on at the same time. A concierge service needs to make sure everything goes right. And by 2 p.m., the apartment is move-in ready for the new resident.

“To get all that done, in that amount of time and without error, the communication within our internal staff has to be flawless,” says Daniel Jagd, the company’s Vice President of Strategic Relations.

Travelers Haven makes it happen with RingCentral Office and RingCentral Glip. RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone service with additional real-time communications services like faxing and online meetings. RingCentral Glip is a team messaging and productivity platform, which is included with RingCentral Office and also available as a separate subscription.

Travelers Haven uses the flexibility offered by its RingCentral Office phone system to minimize the number of calls that are missed and go to voicemail. The addition of Glip has made it easier for the sales and logistics teams to coordinate their efforts. They also use it to collaborate with key contractors who have been invited into Glip with guest accounts.

“They all have very specialized tasks, but they all have to work together,” Jagd says. “Glip is probably the number one way they communicate.”

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