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Enhanced Nomadic 911: Keep your employees safe at any location

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With all that’s happened in recent years, it’s no surprise that safety is among the top concerns for businesses everywhere. From the uprooting of our office lives to major shifts in society, we’ve been through a lot, and we’ve persevered.

But work is still changing. Businesses are returning to their offices while giving employees more freedom to choose their own schedules. In fact, according to a study by PwC, 79% of leaders expect that a large chunk of their workforce will split their time between the office and home. This hybrid work arrangement is a big positive—but it’s not without challenges. 

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Namely, employees who work from anywhere need a phone system that can keep up, and will enable connection to local emergency responders no matter where they are. When it comes to safety, you’ll want to keep workers protected.

That’s why it’s important for us to help keep you and your organization safe. Here’s where Nomadic 911 can help.

Enhanced Nomadic 911

When the Enhanced Nomadic 911 feature is enabled, the RingCentral app for desktop now supports automatic location updating for US users at pre-defined locations, either on the customer’s network or at up to 10 pre-defined off-net locations. The RingCentral Phone app and Poly VVX X50 hardphones also support this feature.

RingCentral’s Enhanced Nomadic 911 feature helps first responders identify a caller’s location and route emergency personnel to the correct address. It also helps administrators manage emergency response situations for users regardless of where they’re located—an important consideration now that so many employees are using cloud-based phone systems while working remotely.

New FCC laws

Two recently passed federal laws require businesses to provide 911 dispatchers detailed location information. RingCentral enables you to easily comply with these new requirements. 

How location detection works

Location detection works based on endpoints interacting with network infrastructure elements that have known locations—for example, Wi-Fi access points and IP address ranges. 

When a user connects to a new internet network, the RingCentral app will prompt them to enter their current location, such as the address of their home office. 

Making your workplace safer

With the RingCentral app and the Enhanced Nomadic 911 feature enabled, employees can safely work from anywhere knowing that first responders have their most up-to-date location wherever they are. It’s one of the many ways we strive to help you work smarter and more productively.

Originally published Apr 01, 2021, updated Jul 27, 2021

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