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Mitel IP400 series phones certified on RingCentral MVP


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Since the RingCentral-Mitel partnership was announced in November 2021, both companies have been working closely together to make it easier for Mitel customers to migrate to RingCentral MVP. We hit a major milestone in April of this year, when we announced that the flagship Mitel 6900 IP Phones were officially RingCentral-certified ahead of schedule.

Together, we’ve taken another step in the process. The recent certification of the IP400 series means all of Mitel’s current IP desktop phone series are certified with RingCentral MVP.

With the certification of the IP400 series, Mitel customers can take full advantage of RingCentral’s industry-leading MVP unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) platform and get all the benefits of a cloud-based unified communications environment:

  • Customizable features, functions and capabilities
  • Enhanced internal communication and collaboration
  • Business continuity regardless of where employees are working from
  • Improved customer and employee experience
  • Cost optimization and risk mitigation
  • Operational efficiency by outsourcing challenging technical details to experts

Minimize disruption and enhance capabilities with seamless device transfers

The IP400 series certification enables full integration of Mitel IP480, IP480g, and IP485g desktop phones with RingCentral MVP. See the full list of certified Mitel phones here.

For customers with IP480, IP480g, and IP485g phones, certification reduces migration costs and implementation time. It ensures minimal disruption to your business with a seamless device transfer that is guaranteed to work on RingCentral’s feature-rich, award-winning MVP solution. And we’ve made it simpler than ever to make the transition with our five-step process.

With migration, a whole host of advanced communications features will be available to be used in conjunction with RingCentral. Beyond the standard array of features, which include Assisted Provisioning, Hot Desking, Call Waiting and Ring Groups, all three devices support monitored extensions, shared lines (BLA) and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP).

Leverage the strengths of unified, powerful, reliable communications

Migrating to RingCentral is a straightforward and powerful way to enhance your business’ efficiency and improve internal and external communications with a huge host of features, including:

  • A unified, collaborative hub for all employees, regardless of where they are working
  • Higher capacity video conferencing, more powerful messaging and full-featured telephony
  • Enterprise-grade security and unmatched reliability that delivers a 99.999% uptime
  • Over 275 out-of-the-box integrations with business apps and open APIs
  • A modular system approach that can grow alongside your business
  • Analytics and real-time reporting that make tracking important metrics easier than ever
  • Seamless integration with any of your existing desktop phone capabilities

These features provide numerous benefits to your business, especially by making it easier to adapt to changing market conditions, such as hybrid work.

For example, RingCentral MVP complements Mitel’s leading UC on-premises, subscription and private cloud solutions, enabling Mitel MiCloud Connect customers to enhance efficiency, improve productivity and deliver better customer service experiences. Streamlining communication into one intuitive cloud-based hub ensures employees can work from either desktops or mobile devices and can interact with each other and customers from any medium, anywhere, anytime.

More powerful and higher capacity video conferencing and scheduling makes it faster and less frustrating to set up and run larger and more efficient meetings. While powerful, integrated messaging features accelerate the sharing of information and make workflows more seamless. When teams can work productively from anywhere, they can enjoy a better work-life balance — a top priority for businesses and staff — while still pushing your business forward.

Pre-built integrations and an abundance of open APIs let your employees focus on their work, rather than managing their technology. This makes it easier and more convenient for teams to keep projects moving in real time under any circumstances.

Reliability and security features ensure your system is always available when your employees need it. While simplified tracking of important metrics lets your business adjust processes, head off issues and optimize operations as issues arise and circumstances change. This also helps you put the right image of your business forward: as a reliable, responsive partner. And with seamless access to cloud-based technology upgrades, your business will always have the tools it needs for long-term success in any market.

A unified system also makes it easier to shift to a total experience strategy. Rather than dealing with Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) strategies in silos, you can approach them holistically. These are intrinsically linked and critically important to business success.

No more barriers to entry

The certification of the IP400 series phones is, of course, far from the first step we’ve taken to streamline Mitel customers’ access to all the benefits of RingCentral.

In February 2022, Mitel launched initial device integration with RingCentral with the Mitel 6900 IP phones and RingCentral Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) interoperability. Full RingCentral certification of the 6900 series followed in April, delivering support for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and enhanced UC features.

Since then, we have expanded country support and device interoperability for a variety of Mitel devices, including the Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones and Mitel 6900w IP Phone Series.

All these changes make it easier than ever for existing Mitel customers to reap all the advantages of this partnership with RingCentral.

Where can I stay updated on Mitel certified phones for RingCentral?

Stay tuned for more certified Mitel phones to come within 2023! Keep up with the latest statuses and news about which phones are certified for RingCentral through our VoIP Phones and Headsets website.
Have any questions? Read more about our strategic partnership here or chat with your Mitel partner today!

View certified Mitel phones

Originally published Dec 15, 2022, updated Dec 19, 2022

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